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Ideas When Using Custom Flags for Display

Personalized Flags

For those who want special recognition and better brand familiarity and knowledge, custom flags add uniqueness and promotion at a limited cost with the maximum result.

Have you ever seen the long black stretch limousines with the tiny fluttering flags of the VIPs who are driven inside?  They, in this case, are the country banners of the land they serve. You too can use them to feel like a world class ambassador for your company, product, or service!

Where can you place personalized flag banners?  If you are one who wants to add some flash to your car, flags can be specially mounted on your vehicles. On each of the four corners of your car may be installed with one showing your company name or other information.

Traditional Offline Flag Advertising

american flag bannerIf this doesn’t appeal to you, try more traditional means of flag advertising. Many times customized designs grace the entrance to a new housing project, gated community, or other special place. The lawn in front of the country club will most likely display a minimum of half a dozen displays with various banner information.

These are both decorative and informative. Sometimes they are advertisements (done in good taste, of course) or show the city’s or club’s logo. The club may have one of its own that it wants to display. They are slim and attractive, colorful and graceful. They don’t shout at their viewers, merely wave and display their information in a beauty pageant style of attraction rather than promotion.

Types of Flag Fabrics

When you use fabric custom flags, be advised that there are many types. They may be created in a feather shape for a promotional look. Others are more like inverted carrot shapes with the upper end wider than its base. A straight, triangular, or oval shape is also used. Because they are elegantly defined, they can fit into small places where other advertisements simply wouldn’t fit.

Their elongated look give the message of less being more, because their unspoken powerful message is truly concentrated. It is not an exaggeration to say that these are a medium of beauty, grace, and harmony, especially when they are softly billowing in the breeze.

The Flag Fabric Material

These are made of a synthetic material that will withstand fading, adverse weather and very rarely tear in the wind. The material is colorfast, meaning that you can choose colors in your company or brand name’s logo and it will be recognizable for a long time to come.

These fabric flags may be mounted on a flexible pole that stays firm and erect but will work with normal weather conditions and go with the wind flow. This combination, after many years of trial and error, has proven to be one of the most effective ones. These nylon or polyester displays are meant to be displayed outdoors and are prepared to show their true colors and message for a long time.

Displaying Flags in Motor Vehicles

Believe it or not, they can be placed on motorcycles, motorbikes and even golf carts to state their message. The pirate flag is a popular novelty design, and so are the Confederate or American flags. They add a little something extra. Those who want to show that they are different – and maybe a bit better – than the rest freely take advantage of the unique advertising message and medium that they have to offer.

Displaying Flag Banners Indoors

You can also use them for an indoor display. Because of their slim shape, they fill out a nook or corner area that would be hard to utilize with any other display options. These slender advertisements can be placed next to each other to create a United Nations look of colorful display, in pairs or trios in a narrow corner. Even individually, they are concentrated ads – their slight framework seems to explode on the scene, drawing attention to all viewers, young and old. Almost everyone wants to know what they are all about.

For dye sublimated printing of custom flags and banners at wholesale pricing, check this.


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