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Dye Sub Printing File Resolution & Trade Show Exhibition Questions

File Resolution for Dye Sublimation Banner Printing and some Questions Answered Regarding Exhibiting in Trade Show Events Question: For dye sub banner printing, what resolution do you need our files to be at? Answer: Most files will print clearly full sized at 100dpi, or half-sized at 200dpi. In the dye sublimation printing process, because through… Keep Reading

Suggestions for Exhibiting Your Business at Trade Show Events

Trade Show Exhibits: Useful Suggestions You Can Apply When Advertising Your Business Question: Aside from your recommendation that we use dye sublimation printed fabric banners for our graphics and trade show booth, do you have any other suggestions for our company’s first ever trade show exhibition? Answer: Do I ever! Gorgeous graphics are great, but… Keep Reading

How Long do Dye Sublimated Fabric Trade Show Displays Last

How Durable are Fabric Trade Show Graphics Printed Through Dye Sublimation Question: We are purchasing a fabric dye sub trade show display, and would like to know how long it will last for our company? Answer: There are a lot of factors one should consider in how long a trade show booth will last, but… Keep Reading

Methods for Installing & Setting Up Dye Sublimation Fabric Displays

The Methods Used for Installing Dye Sublimated Fabric Graphics onto Display Frames Question:  What are the methods that are used to attach dye sublimation printed fabric banners or mural graphics to a trade show display frame? Answer:  There are several ways that printed fabric banners are attached to trade show display frames; I’ll list them… Keep Reading

How To Make A Trade Show Graphic Display That Stands Out

One Important Thing You Must Do to Have a Successful Trade Show Booth Display Question: When I’m having a designer create designs for our trade show display and supporting graphics, what are some options that you could suggest to help us stand out at a trade show? Answer: Aside from obvious answers such as using… Keep Reading

What to Include in Your Plan When Buying a Trade Show Display

Are You Really Ready To Purchase Trade Show Booth and Printed Graphics? Question: I know it’s important to choose a good quality trade show display, but is there anything else I should plan on as we plan to purchase the trade show booth? Answer: Of course, you’ll need literature stands, display racks or cabinets if… Keep Reading

Trade Show Display Advice For Newbies

Designing an Advertising Booth Display For those Who Have Not Yet Participated in Trade Shows Question: We have never been to a trade show before. What advice do you have for trade show booths and graphics, etc.? Answer: There is a lot we can say to those who’ve never attended a trade show or purchased… Keep Reading

How Dating A Woman Is Similar To Marketing a Trade Show Booth

Insights on How You Should Advertise Your Business with Trade Show Display Graphics Question: Our marketing director read that we shouldn’t show all our product features in our advertising, or advertise all the services we offer. Do you have any insight on this? Answer: Well, this is a bit off topic, but let me try… Keep Reading

The Best Way To Organize Your Trade Show Exhibit

Where to Place Your Your Trade Show Booth for Maximum Exposure Question: Are there any guidelines as to where we place our trade show exhibit graphics? Answer: There are a couple basic “rules” that we advise our clients on. Well, not really rules, but a backwall graphic will typically go at the back of the… Keep Reading

Why You Should Use Bold Colors On Your Trade Show Booth Display

The Effect Of Color In Getting Your Message Out To Your Customers Question: Are their colors that I should or shouldn’t use on a trade show booth or the supporting graphics like banners stands or table runners? Answer: I’m going to give you my opinion, as it is gained by observation of signs and graphics… Keep Reading

Sales and Marketing Approach to a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

How to Make An Impact in Trade Show Conventions Question: I am the marketing director for a small but fast-growing company. We’d like to attend some trade shows to expand our visibility, but we don’t want to put the cart before the horse and have no return-on-investment going to an expensive trade show, especially with… Keep Reading

What to Use for the Trade Show – Panel System or Pop Up Display

Understanding What Panel System and Pop Up Displays Are and Which One is Best Suitable for a Trade Show Event Question: We’re gearing up for a trade show after the first of the year, and are trying to decide whether to use a panel system or a pop up display. What is your advice? Answer:… Keep Reading

What Trade Show Booth Exhibit Suits Your Company’s Needs

The Trade Show Display That Can Best Represent Your Business Question: We’re starting to plan for an upcoming trade show after the first of the year and were wondering if you could help us decide what type of trade show booth/exhibit will be best suited to our requirements? Answer: Absolutely we can help you with… Keep Reading

The Type of Trade Show Booth to Design That Fits Your Company

Don’t Make this Mistake If You Are to Participate at A Trade Show Convention Question: What type of trade show booth or exhibit would you recommend to fit our company’s needs? Answer: The answer to your question will depend a lot on what your goals are. Do you use trade shows to boost retail sales?… Keep Reading

Are Trade Show Events Worth Attending for those in the Business?

How Valuable Are Trade Show Exhibits For Companies Marketing their Products and Services Question: We’re trying to determine if trade shows are worth attending as an exhibitor. Can you give our company any input? Answer: Obviously, if you’ve never attended a trade show as an exhibitor with your company, it can only be determined by… Keep Reading

Should You BUY or RENT a Trade Show Booth?

Buying or Renting Graphic Booth and Display for Trade Show Exhibits Question: We were wondering if it is better to purchase a trade show booth exhibit or if we should rent one instead? Answer: We would ask, in response to your question, “What is your objective?” Or maybe “What is your long term objective?” Are… Keep Reading

What to Look For in a Trade Show Display

What to Consider When Buying Trade Show Graphic Designs and Displays Question: Our company is looking to purchase a trade show booth – what should we look for in a trade show display? Answer: Great question! There are literally thousands of options when you start to look for a trade show display and all the… Keep Reading

Why You Should or Should Not Purchase a Trade Show Display

Trade Show Displays – One Reason Why You Might Not Want to Get Them and Two Reasons you should get them Question: Why should I purchase a trade show display? Answer: I don’t know specifically what you’re asking here, but let me give you some reasons why should, and maybe some reasons why you shouldn’t…. Keep Reading

How to Affix Trade Show Booth Graphics to the Pop Up Display

How to Attach the Printed Fabric Displays onto the Trade Show Pop Up Frames Question: I’m new to trade show booths and graphics, and I was curious as to how the fabric display graphics attach to the pop up frames? Answer: There are three main ways that dye sublimation printed fabric graphics attach to pop… Keep Reading

Considerations When Designing A Trade Show Booth

Different Issues to Look at When Making a Promotional Trade Display Booth Design Question: We’re considering promoting our company this fall at a trade show. What are the key issues we need to consider in designing our trade show booth? Answer: That is a loaded question! There are so many facets to planning to promote… Keep Reading

How to Budget for a Trade Show Booth and Graphics

Things to Consider When Budgeting For Trade Show Booth and Graphic Displays Question:  We’re budgeting for a trade show coming up in November, and we’d like to know what percentage of our trade show budget should be spent on the trade show booth and graphics, exclusive of collateral materials. Answer: This is a good question,… Keep Reading

The Company To Hire To Get a Successful Trade Show Booth

What Kind Of Company  Can Help You Create Successful Trade Show Booth Graphics? Question:  We often are asked what you should look for when looking for a company that provides trade show booths and graphics, and while we would love to simply say, “trust us to take care of you,” we want you to choose… Keep Reading

How to Set Your Trade Show Booth Apart from the Competition

What to Do to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out Among the Competition Question:  When I walk into a trade show or convention, what strikes me is how much, visually, overwhelms the show attendees. We’re attending a trade show in December, and we’d like to know what we can do to our booth to… Keep Reading

Criteria in Determining the Success of a Trade Show Display

How to Know if a Trade Show Booth Will Be a Smash Hit Or Get Smashed By the Competition Question: A question from today’s mailbag – How do I know if our trade show display will be good or bad and what criteria can we use to determine whether it will be a success or… Keep Reading

Your Goals in Going to a Trade Show or Conventions

Trade Show Booths – Meeting Your Goals and Opting for the Better Display Graphics Question:  From today’s mailbag, Fred J. asked, “What objectives are being met when I use a trade show booth and other displays at a convention?” Answer:  Fred, it’s great that you’re not a lemming heading to the trade show just because… Keep Reading

Getting the Right Type of Trade Show Displays for Your Company

Best Practices In Creating A Trade Show Booth That Attracts Potential Clients Question:  From the mailbag: Jerry V. asks, “We have have a trade show coming up in Las Vegas. What is the best way to purchase the right type of displays for our firm?” Answer:  Jerry, this is a good question to ask, but hopefully… Keep Reading

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