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Category: Trade Show

Dye Sub Printing File Resolution & Trade Show Exhibition Questions

File Resolution for Dye Sublimation Banner Printing and some Questions Answered Regarding Exhibiting in Trade Show Events

Question: For dye sub banner printing, what resolution do you need our files to be at?

Answer: Most files will print clearly full sized at 100dpi, or half-sized at 200dpi. In the dye sublimation printing process, because through heat and pressure the printing dye is converted to a gaseous state, a lower resolution file will yield a gorgeous print compared to the same dpi with digital inkjet printing. The result is similar to developing photographs from film or digital files.

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Suggestions for Exhibiting Your Business at Trade Show Events

Trade Show Exhibits: Useful Suggestions You Can Apply When Advertising Your Business

Question: Aside from your recommendation that we use dye sublimation printed fabric banners for our graphics and trade show booth, do you have any other suggestions for our company’s first ever trade show exhibition?

Answer: Do I ever! Gorgeous graphics are great, but they will not make a successful trade show. I know that’s probably not the news you wanted to hear, but it’s true. There are some pre-show items you should address before attending any trade show or exhibition.

I know you’re dying to hear what those things might be,

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How Long do Dye Sublimated Fabric Trade Show Displays Last

How Durable are Fabric Trade Show Graphics Printed Through Dye Sublimation

Question: We are purchasing a fabric dye sub trade show display, and would like to know how long it will last for our company?

Answer: There are a lot of factors one should consider in how long a trade show booth will last, but the biggest one is what I’ll address first, and that is the proper care and feeding of a trade show booth.

The materials that most booths are constructed from this decade (and even last decade for the most part),

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Methods for Installing & Setting Up Dye Sublimation Fabric Displays

The Methods Used for Installing Dye Sublimated Fabric Graphics onto Display Frames

Question:  What are the methods that are used to attach dye sublimation printed fabric banners or mural graphics to a trade show display frame?

Answer:  There are several ways that printed fabric banners are attached to trade show display frames; I’ll list them below.

One method is the pullover method where the dye sub fabric graphic is pulled over top of the frame like a sock. It is sewn together on the top, and sometimes will have another rectangle of fabric added on the top if it is going over a frame with a rectangular foot print.

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How To Make A Trade Show Graphic Display That Stands Out

trade show booths

This is the one important thing you must do to have a successful trade show booth display.

Question: When I’m having a designer create designs for our trade show display and supporting graphics, what are some options that you could suggest to help us stand out at a trade show?

Aside from obvious answers such as using a fresh, bold approach to your colors and booth design, there are less obvious answers that will not only make your booth stand out design and color-wise, but create a successful exhibition every time.

There is a powerful truth the saying “the medium is the message” when it comes to your choice of graphics.

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What to Include in Your Plan When Buying a Trade Show Display

trade show booth design

You are probably reading this to get more information about getting your own trade show booth display. But, are you really ready to purchase your own booth and its printed graphics?

Question: I know it’s important to choose a good quality trade show display, but is there anything else I should plan on as we plan to purchase the trade show booth?

Of course, you’ll need literature stands, display racks or cabinets if you’re a retailer or product distributor or manufacturer, depending on the type of show you’re attending. Tables with table runners are also popular with some exhibitors depending on their product or service.

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Trade Show Display Advice For Newbies

Custom trade show display design

For those who have zero experience on marketing and advertising of your products and services in trade show events, this is how you can plan and design  your own trade show booth.

Question: We have never been to a trade show before. What advice do you have for trade show booths and graphics, etc?

There is a lot we can say to those who’ve never attended a trade show or purchased trade show graphics including roll up banner stands, x-banners, booth backdrops, literature displays, or table runners, but the foundation you lay before attending a trade show is the most important thing you need to focus on.

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How Dating A Woman Is Similar To Marketing a Trade Show Booth

Trade Fair

Some insights on how you should market and advertise your business with trade show display graphics.

Question: Our marketing director read that we shouldn’t show all our product features in our advertising, or advertise all the services we offer. Do you have any insight on this?

Well, this is a bit off topic, but let me try to bring it into perspective with the type of advertising that is in our line of expertise by going even further off topic to illustrate the point that your director read about not showing all and telling all.

When I was dating many moons ago,

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The Best Way To Organize Your Trade Show Exhibit

Retractable Backwall Banners

This is where you should place your Trade Show Booth in order to get that maximum exposure you want.

Question: Are there any guidelines as to where we place our trade show exhibit graphics?

There are a couple basic “rules” that we advise our clients on. Well, not really rules, but a backwall graphic will typically go at the back of the booth, so I guess you could violate that “rule” if you want to, but it isn’t too likely you’ll get any visitors because it’ll be blocking the entrance to the booth!

Our advice is to use some type of sign on the edge of the aisles inviting people to come into your booth for a drawing or something free.

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Why You Should Use Bold Colors On Your Trade Show Booth Display

Different Color lettering on red background

The effect of color in terms of getting your message out to your potential and target customers.

Question: Are their colors that I should or shouldn’t use on a trade show booth or the supporting graphics like banners stands or table runners?

I’m going to give you my opinion, as it is gained by observation of signs and graphics for over 20 years.Disclaimer: There is no scientific evidence backing up my conclusions unless coincidentally agreeing with me.

Your Message will Always be the Medium

First and foremost, the message is and will always be the medium.

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