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With ever-increasing competition, lower margins, and a tough economy, you can’t afford to be working with sign companies that offer the cheapest product if it’s not top-drawer quality – on time – every time. Your competition isn’t. You have one shot at getting new clients, and it’s that first look.

A potential client may view your poor quality sign, display, or banner and make a sub-conscious mental leap. He or she may think, “This company is cheap. This company cuts corners. Will their customer service be cheap? Will they cut corners when they manufacture their product?”

With our decades of “hands in ink,” “sweating past midnight to meet your deadline,” “looking for the best products” experience, Visigraph isn’t just another fly-by-night ex-employee who started a website after 6 months in the business working for a graphics company. custom decal label stickers We’ve earned our reputation at midnight – out on the shop floor – making sure our clients get their orders on time – Every time – Top drawer quality.

It is our goal to educate you with our product pages and our blog. And if you want to view what we offer, click on the Complete Product List button to the left and check out our capabilities. We offer more than the site shows as we’ve just rebuilt this site on a new platform (I’m writing this on Oct. 26, 2011), so keep your eyes on this site and watch it grow.


BTW Notes: February 26, 2014 by Barry Brown

Banners Stands Displays Stickers Decals Labels Trade Show Marketing Officer

Barry Brown, VP Sales/Marketing

On Buggy Whips and Banners

We’ve had several occasions this year where established clients have decided to take their ad campaigns from printed media, like posters or banners, to electronically transmitted advertising via large screen TV’s or texts or whatever other media that isn’t printed might be available. Is anyone else noting that this is a trend, or did we just get the unlucky draw this year with our clients?

In 1899, inventors were tinkering with newfangled machines called “automobiles” that ran on fossil fuel and made a lot of  noise and were dangerous and expensive. There were many young fellows who, at that time, were probably looking at safe professions like making buggy whips or wooden wheels or carriages who had absolutely no clue that the next few decades would all but wipe out these industries.

As a business professional, and a sort-of-getting-older man, I have seen industries rise and fall, or more often just fall, in my 30+ years in business and 52 years of living. I have seen the rise of plastic and the fall of glass. The rise and fall of the fax machine. The rise and fall of the desktop computer, and many other fads or inventions come and go.

I have to ask myself, what is the future of the print industry? With “Google Glasses” and nano-computers around the corner, will there be any need for a banner or a sign by the end of the 21st Century? Or will it simply be that your glasses will superimpose a sign where an embedded GPS-type device tells your glasses where you are, along with “banners” showing specials at this store, replete with sexy models and you-gotta-have-this sales pitches.

While I realize this sounds fantastical, others in the industry have noted slight drop off in sales of certain items to certain clients this year as well, so understandably, we’re looking at the future and thinking, “is this the end of the banner?”

I think this will take some time to play out. As this is all conjecture, based on a very small  sampling of clients and an even smaller sampling of competitors, I am simply saying that if one is not to be swallowed up in the changes that are bound to happen in the 21st Century, one simply needs to read the signs – no pun intended.

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