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Month: August 2011

Online Banner Digital Printing – Vinyl Banner Material

Polyvinyl Banners

With the advent of the internet in the early 1990’s and the commercialization that followed, online purchasing, including online banner printing, has exploded. So much so that companies have been built or failed in the aftermath of the biggest development in consumer purchasing ever witnessed.

The production of banners exploded in the mid-2000’s, and several companies were responsible for the subsequent pricing collapse that still exists in this category today. But are consumers better off for the cheaper pricing? Maybe. Maybe not.

How Online Banner Printing of Vinyl Banners Changed in the Past 2 Decades

For instance,

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What to Look for in a Banner Printing Shop

Visigraph Client Terms

Back in the early 1990’s when I went into the sign making business, all you needed was a vinyl plotter and you could open a banner printing shop. In fact, guys were making great money hanging out banners for their shops and making decent money.

One of these shops, in fact, was part of the reason my Father and I decided to go into this business in 1991. One frigid February morning, my Dad had to go pick up some cut vinyl from the store he did business with in Spokane, WA. It was about 8:15 a.m., and so he walked up to the glass entry door,

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A History of Signs and Printing - Part 5

Wide Format Printer

In this final article on the history of signs and printing, I’ll show how the two came to be combined in such a way as to make the two categories as one. Flexography, offset printing, and lithography have all been magically combined into a new category (although the old categories have not completely disappeared) called digital imprinting.

Well, I thought I would be done with this series last time on signs and printing, and I did actually get into the late 20th century, but I didn’t really get to where they and makers crossed paths.

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A History of Signs and Printing - Part 4

lithographic printer

In this installment of the history of signs and printing, I’ll talk about the vast improvements from the mid-1800’s until late in the 20th century. And where the two trades intersected to create a significant change  for many sign makers.

To recap the previous three articles on this particular topic, we’ve talked about how signage came to be used in the West and the wood display gave way (mostly) to electrical and neon in the past 100 years or so. This history has never been so fascinating – much of this information is new to me,

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