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Month: April 2013

The Type of Paper Used in Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation paper

Dye Sublimation: Paper used, direct printing, UV resistance, & environmental advantage.

Question:  Do you use special paper for dye sublimation?

Yes. It’s called “dye sublimation transfer paper,” or just plain “dye sublimation paper.” Not terribly original, I know.

The paper is treated to accept sublimation dye images in the CMYO (similar to CMYK, except the K, or black, is replaced with O, which stands for the overprint which creates black). This paper is matched up to a polymeric fabric (polyester), and run through a heat press which operates around 400 F.

As it passes through the pressurized and heated rollers,

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How to Start Your Own Dye Sublimation Printing Company

dye sublimation printing

There are certain things that you need in order to start up your own dye sublimation printing service.

Question: What equipment and supplies will I need to start doing dye sublimation printing?

First, decide what market you’re going to enter. Will it be mouse pads? Check out the competition. What is the Asian market selling mouse pads for, landed, in your market. They’ll be your primary competition for the larger orders. If you’re focusing on the smaller market orders with higher margins, research your local competition. What are they getting for the product?

If Printing on Mugs

If you’re going to focus on coffee mugs,

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Fabric Used in Dye Sublimation Printing of T-shirts

T Shirt Printing, T shirt heat press

Is polyester fabric the required cloth for printing t-shirts through dye sublimation?

Question:  For T-shirts, is it mandatory to use polyester T-shirts/fabric with dye sublimation printing?

There has been a lot of experimentation with various natural fibers and mixed natural fibers (like the 50/50 cotton tee), and for the most part, it is best, when using true dye sublimation printing on fabric, to use polyester fabrics.

Some have reported success with the 50/50 cotton tees, but most prefer to use available digital printers that have the proper inks for adhering to cotton, or screen-print inks which are also formulated for cotton or 50/50 t-shirts.

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Dye Sublimation Printing – Printers, Papers, and the Process

wide format printers

Using dye sublimation printers – the special paper and the process of large format dye sub printing.

Question:   What are Dye sublimation printers used for?

Dye sublimation printers are used mainly for making prints on polyester fabric. The fabric can be used for clothing or advertising media, such as teardrop banners, “L” banners, hanging banners, flag banners, tradeshow displays, backdrops, X Banners, roll up or pop up banners, retractable banners, etc., etc.

Dye and Ink Color Spectrum

Dye sublimation printing is different from other types of printing in that it uses dyes rather than ink,

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Different Road, Street, Traffic Signs – Color Matters

different road signs

The significant meanings of the various colors of highway, road, and street signs.

Question: What is the difference between green highway signs and blue highway signs?

There are several colors of signs that are used on the city streets, county roads, state highways, and interstate highways throughout the US (Canada and Europe will be somewhat different, but will still have their own color codes per country).

So, rather than give you a simple answer, as usual, I’ll give you a complex answer to a simple question. Actually, I’ll give you a color coded answer with visuals so you’ll have a good understanding of how highway,

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Bootleg Signs – Sign Permits – Business Signs on the Interstate

For Sale Signs

Why companies use bootleg signs to avoid purchasing permits. Plus, who pays for the business signs on the interstate highways.

Question: Are weekend real estate directional signs allowed along State highways?

It will depend on the state you’re in, or how strict the enforcement of bootleg laws are.

Directional signs are used along the highway directing traffic to an event, sale, or home for sale, and are often called “bootleg” signs, because they’re typically considered illegal (the name comes from the Prohibition Era of the US’ history when “bootlegged” liquor was sold across the US by illegal producers.

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What Signs are Legal and Time Needed to Procure a Permit

signs requiring permits

When sign permits are required, time needed to complete permit application, and possible illegal usage of flashing arrow sign.

Question: Can I put up a sign on my own property without a sign permit?

You may put up a sign on your property in some areas without a permit, but most major towns and cities consider signs a source of revenue, so they require permits.

They also require permits for signs based on zones in many municipalities. If you are in a commercial and industrial zone, there are usually fairly relaxed regulations on the size of sign you can put up,

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Getting a Sign Permit and Right of Way Considerations

Property Signage

Displaying custom signs on streets, interstate highways, and applying for sign permits.

Question: Is it OK to put my sign on the highway Right-of-Way or State property?

No. Not in any state or 1st World country that I’m aware of can this be done. It is considered a potential hazard at worst and pollution at best.

Now, if you want to put a sign pretty much anywhere you want, move your business to a 3rd World Developing Nation such as the Dominican Republic or Honduras or Indonesia, where anything goes.

The interstate highways,

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Business Signs – Sign Permits and Installation

Dimensional Sign Lettering

Are signs for business a clutter? How to get a sign permit and install your business’ new signage.

Question: If you move signage off the highways, won’t it just clutter municipalities instead?

This is a hot topic amongst sign makers and those who are trying to find a businesses by locating the business’s sign.

There is a small but vocal minority of people who think that business is of the devil, and that signs are the business’s bible, and because in their view they are ugly, they should be done away with. These are the same people who don’t mind if you starve to death,

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Sign Compliancy – Who Can Put Signs on the Interstate

Home for sale signage

Understanding compliant signage and what businesses are able to advertise on Interstate Highways.

Question: What is a “non-compliant” sign?

This will depend on your location. There are locations that have virtually no sign codes, but they are few and far between in the 21st Century USA, Canada, or Western Europe.

In our area, there are a bazillion rules for signs, so it is best to contact a sign professional to help guide you through the process. I believe this would be the case for most cities of any size in the US.

Let’s say,

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