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Tag: trade show displays

Getting the Right Type of Trade Show Displays for Your Company

Trade show Display Design

The best practices to employ in order to create a trade show booth that attracts potential clients.

Question:  From the mailbag: Jerry V. asks, “We have have a trade show coming up in Las Vegas. What is the best way to purchase the right type of displays for our firm?”

Jerry, this is a good question to ask, but hopefully you’re not asking us a week before the show! While that may seem like a funny comment, you would be surprised, or maybe not that surprised, at how often clients believe we can pull rabbits out of hats when it comes to trade show displays and graphic.

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Why Use Banners and Signs at Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Fair

Many business owners realize the value of attending the trade shows and convention halls presentations. They know that is where they’ll likely put on a show that will certainly attract attention and most assuredly bring in more business for their company.

As those passersby thunder down the aisles like a herd of buffalos, they spot attractive print displays and stop by for a visit and perhaps a brochure or free samples. But what cause them to stop by your stand in the beginning are the banners and signs you use.

Selective use of bright, colorful and appealing designs can mean the difference between going home without your samples,

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