Reusing Vinyl Lettering, and Why Put on Wall Stickers

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Reusability of Vinyl Letters and Decorating Walls with Decal Stickers

Question:  Is vinyl lettering reusable?

Answer: Rarely, if ever. I’ve never re-used a vinyl letter, and I’ve been in this trade for 21+ years.

Graphic Vinyl Letters

Vinyl material that vinyl letters and graphics are created from come on a roll, and the vinyl itself has an acrylic adhesive applied to the backside of the vinyl, which then is bonded to a “release liner.” The release liner is a slick paper that allows the vinyl to bond to the liner through the cutting process until a transfer tape (usually) pulls it away from the paper, but only when the installer is ready for it to release.

Vinyl letters and logos are cut with a vinyl cutting plotter. The designer will typically create a design, get approval from you, the client, then place the roll of vinyl on a plotter. He or she then sends a file to the plot queue and releases it to be cut.

Once the image, logo, or letters have been plotted, the sheet is taken out to a table in the shop and “weeded.” Weeding is the process where the vinyl that is not part of the image is removed from the release liner.

Once the weeding is completed, the graphic is masked with “transfer tape.” Then, the sheet of vinyl graphics that has been taped over is placed on whatever substrate the client has specified (a sign, window, or vehicle, etc.), taped along one edge in position, flipped upside down, the release liner is removed, and then the vinyl graphic is squeegeed down with a stiff plastic squeegee.

Now I’ll get to your original question which was “is vinyl lettering reuseable?” As stated in the previous paragraph, the letters have now been affixed to a substrate, and within seconds has “purchased” to the glass or sign material or vehicle. If you were now to try to remove that letter or graphic, it would simply stretch or tear, rendering it unuseable. So, again, the answer to your question is pretty much just no.

Question:  I hear that vinyl wall art is basically a sticker, right?  Why would I want to decorate with a sticker?

Answer:  Personally, I wouldn’t, but I know lots of people who would, so that’s why there are so many wall decals available. And yes, vinyl wall art is basically a sticker, also known as a decal any many locales.

I asked around to some of the people I know and they helped me out as to why a person might want to utilize wall stickers in a home or office.

Commercially, that’s an easy answer, because I might use a wall mural sticker to decorate a window or wall with advertising, but I would assume, more than likely, that you’re talking about a home or office setting where the graphic is decorative, not commercial.

Paper Design for Walls

So, why would you use wall paper? Well, one friend said, because it makes a room more visually warm and interesting. So, the same could be said for a wall graphic decal. Many people like to use them to change up the look of a room, and because they’re removable when you’re bore of it in a few weeks or months, you can peel it off and replace it with another graphic. No problem.

I think that’s why some people like wall stickers, but personally, and this doesn’t help my biz at all, I prefer wall paper.

More about wall and window  stickers in here.


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