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Month: December 2011

The Custom Wood Sign: Shaping Up the History of Signs

Sandblasted HDU Sanblasted Cedar or Sandblasted Redwood

It is highly likely that the first signs that man made in “prehistoric” times were made from wood. And here I have to digress. How does anyone know when prehistoric times started and ended? And if they’re prehistoric, who determines where history began? So really, does “prehistoric” just mean we don’t know our own history?

How Custom Wood Signs Shaped History – Or Did History Shape It?

At any rate, since that custom wood sign decayed thousands of years ago, nobody knows the moment when the first human being, using a CNC router and engraving machine,

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Custom Die Cut Stickers/Decals Vs Rectangle and Square Shapes

Die cut stickers,artistic logo,personalized logo,digital printing,Brand recognition,Bumper stickers

We’ve all seen those family custom graphic displays showing how many wives, children, household pets, and other tax write-offs that at one time or another happened to be in the car owner’s home!

If you drive about on the various highways and city streets throughout the United States, one thing that you’ll observe is that virtually every vehicle has die cut stickers or decals stuck to it promoting nearly anything, no matter whether it’s custom graphic proclaiming the occupant’s political views, or perhaps a booster logo promoting that extremely superior university or college the driver went to.

If You’re In The Market For Custom Die cut Stickers,

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Single-Double Sided Pull Up Banner Stands and X Stand Banner

Pull Up Banners

Bob is an average salesman from a company that sells printers and copy machines. Larry is also an average sales rep for a competing distributor of similar equipment. The printers and copiers the two companies sell and service are of excellent quality, and are, realistically, commoditized products.

This week, Bob and Larry both loaded up their marketing kits, which include portable trade show booths, brochures, business cards, a multimedia kiosk, and a table top display and headed to a regional business technology trade show.

Bob’s marketing director, however, purchased a couple new double sided banner stands.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Roll Up Banner Stand

Backwall Pull-Up Banner Displays

There are lots of crazy ways sales people and companies use to try to get noticed. Why do some work, while most don’t? Better question – why can one company’s sales rep use roll up banner stands and get dozens of quality sales leads from it while another sales rep from a different company also uses them, but gets very few sales leads – at the same convention or trade show – right next to each other?

Of course, the obvious pat answerer will explain that surely Salesman A, using his retractable stands, was simply a better sales man than Salesman B.

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