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Custom Die Cut Stickers/Decals Vs Rectangle and Square Shapes

Die cut stickers,artistic logo,personalized logo,digital printing,Brand recognition,Bumper stickers

We’ve all seen those family custom graphic displays showing how many wives, children, household pets, and other tax write-offs that at one time or another happened to be in the car owner’s home!

If you drive about on the various highways and city streets throughout the United States, one thing that you’ll observe is that virtually every vehicle has die cut stickers or decals stuck to it promoting nearly anything, no matter whether it’s custom graphic proclaiming the occupant’s political views, or perhaps a booster logo promoting that extremely superior university or college the driver went to.

If You’re In The Market For Custom Die cut Stickers, You’ll Want To Read The Following Facts Regarding Those with Adhesives Versus Those That Don’t

custom diecut decals If you were to call me about customized die cut decals, I would first educate you on materials. But since you are too busy to talk to me, you can read the specific descriptive guide right here, which will make it easier to define what kind of printing and die-cutting you’ll prefer if you’re planning to actually choose which type of custom-made or advertising stickers to use for your campaign, promotion or organization. The standard vinyl or clear polyester material use “semi-permanent” adhesives. These can be either screen-printed or printed digitally. There are also non-adhesive options that we’ll start with just below.


1. Magnetic Vehicle Stickers

Magnetic products are fantastic for automobile product promotion that you need to take off your car daily. An good example of this would be virtually any pizza delivery driver or some contractors who need vehicle identification while on a job site, but nonetheless wouldn’t necessarily want to be identified weaving in and out of traffic during rush hour, especially if he or she is an aggressively competitive vehicle driver!

Negatives: In a case where these could be stuck on a vehicle for a long time and not removed, water may get trapped between the magnet and the paint, and it can and will leach thru the micro-pores of the paint and cause rust. Rust, of course, can potentially expand under your vehicle’s paint coating and cause the paint to begin to peel. The other negative, particularly with cheaper magnetic materials, is that it can blow off fast-moving vehicles. You can avoid either of these issues by removing your magnets daily and laying them in a flat location, and by NOT purchasing thin, cheap magnets from some “low price leader” website.

2. Static Window Clings

Static window cling vinyl is actually PVC flexible sheet product that includes extra plasticizers to make it especially pliable and sticky, but without any adhesive glue. This very popular product sticks great to glass and other super-smooth surfaces, and is also pulled back off quite easily (nonetheless, you’ll need to make sure your glass is definitely squeaky clean). A large number of vehicle owners exclusively allow ONLY this kind to be place on their vehicle, and you will want to remember this fact when you’re trying to figure out what kind to order for your project.

Negatives: Static cling labels absolutely cannot be applied to the outer surface of a motor vehicle, because it will most likely blow right off the vehicle as soon as you reach any speed over 15 mph.


1. Semi-Permanent Adhesive

If you’re looking for a decal that is going to go the distance, this excellent adhesive is superior in that it won’t permit your decal fall off of any item that you stick it on. The only caveat to that is if there is excessive continuous heat near these die cut stickers and decals, or if there is an issue of rust or other contaminants underneath the original surface they were applied to.

Negatives: These can become quite difficult to remove, especially after a year or so. However, you can persuade semi-permanent glue to let go by using a heat gun or a blow dryer to help in stripping from whatever surface they are attached to. You may also need to go to the hardware store and pick up a solvent glue remover made with orange peel oil to remove glue residue. In case of the stickers being applied to windows, one may possibly peel the sticker off by means of a razorblade scraper.

2. Easy-Peel Adhesive

Easy-peel adhesive graphics usually are, typically, as their name suggests, easy to remove. Regardless, in the event the adhesive is subjected to the elements for more than a year, the acrylic adhesive becomes solid and thus gets more and more difficult to take off, but as with the previous semi-permanent type, heat from a heat gun or hair dryer will help.

Disadvantage: They lose their elasticity over time.

Target Market Factors To Consider When Considering Which Type Of Previously Mentioned Die Cut Labels To Purchase

When considering purchasing any particular graphic item within the earlier genres mentioned, you must take the prospective target audience under consideration. Does your prospective client drive pickup trucks or Aston-Martins? Blue collar males may be significantly less worried about the removal of particularly aggressive adhesive sorts, because they can just take them off. These guys probably worked with their Dads or their buddies on lots of projects, and figuring out how to get a stubborn sticker off a car or pickup just isn’t problem. It’s not that the Aston-Martin guy can’t get the it off (he’d prefer to pay one of the blue collar guys to do it if it ever needed to be done), he just probably wouldn’t ever purchase or allow that kind of display to be put on his baby.

For custom die cut stickers, which interests or attracts you more, the adhesive types or non-adhesive types? We would love to hear from you by leaving a comment in the form below.

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