Are Cheap Banners Worth the Cost?

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Low-Priced Banners You Can Use at a Worthy Cost

Wouldn’t you love to be able to get your name around town?  Well, now you can.  There are cheap banners which serve the purpose that they are intended for – getting your brand name and product knowledge into the public consciousness!

low cost banner stands Don’t be shy in researching what types of banner displays are out there.  Of course there are options – and why pay more when you don’t have to?  The result is exactly the same.  More importantly, inexpensive ones enable you to increase the number of items that you would have ordinarily been able to invest in.

Having a cheap value doesn’t mean that the products aren’t any good.  With printing and production costs going down, it’s possible to advertise the way you want and still keep within your advertising budget parameters.

So what types of low-priced banners are out there, and what can you get for a relatively minimal investment?

Fortunately, since the advent of the digital printer, what used to be known as normal print quality on a dot matrix or laser jet printer is now labeled substandard.  Why?  Because technology keeps getting better and better, helping to drive production costs down.  Improved production techniques bump quality up another notch, which means production costs less than it used to and the final price keeps inching downwards.  This is great news for all advertisers and marketers – but an especially huge breakthrough for the sole business proprietor or entrepreneur trying to get started in a tough market.

Nowadays – cheap banners are a reality – and technology is a major reason. Great fabrics and printing techniques, like direct-to-fabric printing – also make a visible difference.  It seems that almost every year, new techniques are discovered, and utilized in a whole new way, making what was commonplace yesterday obsolete in a very short time.

In discussing the cost of a banner, particularly the affordable ones – it pays to think about the cost in aggregate.  You may be able to bargain a cost of .99 per square foot.  But then what?  Will the colors fade after the third day?  Is the fabric shoddy, unsuitable for sun or other outdoor factors?  When you buy one, the purpose is to have it ready to display at a moment’s notice.  It sours the proposition when the thing that you thought you had under control has disintegrated or ceased to be functional when you least expected it.  This is a boomerang effect at the worst – and to be avoided at all costs.

Recommendation to Entry Level Business Owners

Instead, it’s recommended to those entry level business owners and marketers invest in a quality, low-cost Ad displays – but have a good nose for what they are actually getting for your money.  The market entry barrier is noticeably lessened.  Just about any Tom, Dick or Harry can afford to advertise his business at an undreamed of banner cost compared to the one that existed only ten to fifteen years ago.  But make sure that what you are buying is worthwhile, that it will serve you as long as you need to use it.

When you seek out some good quality yet inexpensive items– by all means shop around and try to get the best deal that you can for the money!  While you are out comparing prices, try to find out the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating for the firm you’re thinking of doing business with.  Ratings can’t tell everything, but like a thermometer for a sick child, it can explain a lot of abnormalities.  It is always advisable to be forewarned and forearmed.  You may learn that the firm you are contemplating doing business with is an excellent provider, or perhaps the absolute opposite.

Buyer Beware

While getting something for less is a great goal and objective, the ancient caveat “buyer beware” is also important. Make sure that your economical banners won’t end up costing you more than if you had purchased a quality banner for a little bit more.  Try to take a long term approach and you’ll get the right answer every time.  Do a little homework and you will avoid this common pitfall.  Most experts recommend shooting for a mid level price with a reputable firm, one that is prepared to fix printing errors or defects if they occur – both cheerfully and promptly.  If you get all this, you’re getting a lot for your money!

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