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Where to Find a Banner Printer to Print a Full Color Banner

4CP Printing of Banners

Up until the last decade, full color press was the domain of large companies that could afford the substantial color printing prices to make a banner (or rather, thousands of them).

But to produce a banner for a small business – well, let’s just say that costs were prohibitive to small business. High volume could bring expenses down to a reasonable price, but a small business could never afford to get one in full color.

Well, first off, know that I’m not going to quote print prices right here and now, but my goal here is to educate you, if you want someone to create banner for you, on what things you need to be aware of especially when it comes to pricing.

What You Can Expect for Color Printing Prices of Display Banners for Your Company

print a banner reasonable color printing prices polyester bannersWhen I started in the sign, banner, and decal business in 1991, most companies like ours had never thought of using a digital printer to press a display at that time, so if someone wanted one, they had to be ordering a lot, or we couldn’t quote them as they had to be screen or offset printed at that time. One or two off were typically done with plotter cut pressure-sensitive vinyl graphics.

And there were size limitations if you wanted to press in color. If you were printing spot colors, you could splice banners to a point by making seams between lines of copy or vertically between words, but it was pretty difficult to accomplish using 4CP (full color) method. You literally couldn’t even get for billboard size graphics. Now, if you want to get such, you can get a one with good quality or an average of $2 per square foot. Whoops! Did I say I wasn’t going to quote?

With the advent of roll-to-roll digital large format printers, by the early 2000’s, smaller businesses could start to afford the suddenly lower color printing prices their business or tradeshow. Suddenly, banners went from one to three shades to full color, and many businesses jumped on the bandwagon. Pricing to print a banner went from not available to easily affordable.

Tips when looking for a company – successfully procuring reasonable print prices plus a great looking banner!

If you’re wanting to get some graphic displays from a company that you’re thinking, there are some tips I’d like to give you, and the first one is from my grandma who said “the cheapest price ain’t necessarily so.” Lately I’ve seen businesses online advertising costs to as low as $.99 per square foot, which is sure to hook the unassuming businessperson looking to save a buck.

Here’s the scoop on price rates. The banners they’re making at this price is probably nothing you’d want to take home to Mama. If they’re going to make at this cost, the material is going to come to North America on a boat from somewhere to the northwest of the US West Coast, and is likely to have been printed there as well. The quality is generally termed “billboard quality,” which may be fine for a billboard, but not likely something you’ll be able to use, unless you’re going to use as a billboard. In that case, be my guest…the $.99 per square foot may work just fine for your needs.

However, the if you want your display to look great at a tradeshow or promote your product in an elegant and appealing way, you may want to check into the cost of dye sublimated fabric banner. In 2000, if you wanted to one with dye sublimation, you’d have had a tough time finding a company, but now you’re likely to find lots of choices, and if you want to impress potential clients, get one for this type of cloth banner.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for you to print a banner and and for many different usages.  Know more specifics when it comes to dimensions, color prints, as well as color printing prices. Visit here.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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