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How You Can Maximize the Usage of Vinyl Banners

PVC Banners

Vinyl banners made their debut in the last decades of the 20th century and really changed the advertising world. Shiny and strong, they are long-lasting and attractive to look at.

The color used vinyl banners is something to really appreciate, because it rarely fades or looks worn out for many years. This is good for your company image, with its unflappable upbeat message and day-in, day-out consistency. This can only be a shining, positive reflection on you and your business!

Advantages of Using Vinyl Banners

PVC banner printingNow that they can be printed out digitally, they really have a professional and respectable look about them. Another big plus is that they are inexpensive to produce, meaning even if you are a small producer or provider, you are able to look like you have the wherewithal to buy whatever kind of advertising that pleases you.  Modern technology has been a great leverage provider, especially for new entrants in today’s competitive market.

The vivid and vibrant professional color palette help you get color specific and get the great first impression that your firm deserves. By using the digital color printing process, the results are obviously superior and of first rate quality.  Pantone colors are available for color matching your logo or design, though a 100% exact color matching cannot always be guaranteed with digital printing.

Vinyl banners are great for indoor-outdoor displays where weather may need to be factored into the equation. They are designed to withstand normal weather conditions, be it heat, strong sunlight, normal wind conditions, drizzles and even a downpour or snow.

Double-Sided Printed Vinyl Banners

If you decide to hang your polyvinyl displays in a highly trafficked, visible location, why not invest a bit more in double-sided prints? You can theoretically double your brand name recognition with these big and beautiful colorful and informative banners with your company flagship logo and important information. Purchase hanging hardware that is compatible to your banner; this may be purchased with or without the banner signs. The installation is typically pretty fast.  The point of having a highly visible display is that it is effectively placed and utilized for a maximum number of views, boosting brand name recognition – and traffic, which drives your company’s sales.

Vinyl Banner for Outdoor Display

For an exclusively outdoor signage, use the perforated mesh variety which hangs like a curtain, minimizing the possibility that high winds will produce the undesirable sailboat effect. Mesh vinyl banners are nearly exclusively used for outdoor promotions, advertising, and outdoor events. They can be displayed between poles as an effective medium of getting your company’s website and catchy logo within public view. They are also ideal for advertising at sporting events  like tennis matches, rodeos and soccer matches, not to mention outdoor trade shows and conventions.  They can also be used in street event demonstrations, outdoor fundraisers, and community projects.  Mesh is lightweight, qualitative and functional.  Because they are so light, they are easy to use for transport and travel. They can be crushed down to a small and manageable size, without the fuss and trouble of a crew or set up team.  Once you arrive at your destination, they can be creatively utilized to become an instant billboard of information.  Their uses are truly multi-dimensional.

They have the other features of traditional PVC banner prints: pole pockets, hem reinforcement and free setup on most sign printing jobs. Like other polyvinyl print jobs, they don’t take a whole lot of time to complete. A normal work order may take only 3 to 5 business days, with special rushes and other handling features available as needed.

There’s more into these types of graphic vinyl banners: View Here.


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