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How Custom Flags Are Used in a Variety of Ways

Banner flags

Custom flags are slim and attractive, feather shaped or slim inverted triangles designed to stand out in a non-obtrusive way. They may move in the breeze due to their lightweight and slightly bendy configuration.

They are just about everywhere. They’re so prevalent, you may almost miss them. They are posted in front of parking garages, at the entrance of new housing developments where open houses are being held, outside of supermarkets, car dealerships, grand openings, art galleries and universities.

These are ideal for businesses which are short on advertising space and yet need to get their brand name recognized. Sports-type products particularly lend themselves to advertising flags, although the sky is the limit. At any outdoor sporting event, function or crowd pleaser, make a point of looking around to see how many of these cloth flags are posted for their customers’ viewing pleasure.

Where You Can Put Your Custom Flags

Customized Flag Banners

You can use feather or pole-mounted banners at a food court to advertise your yogurt, burgers, or drinks. Personalized designs are great at public events, garden party type promotions, any outdoor court or large festive functions.

An advertising banner flag does what a larger customized banner would do in a larger place – it advertises your firm. These feather or teardrop displays can’t fail to be noticed. They are excellent for smaller locations where traffic is heavy and space is limited. The feather-shaped flag looks like a piece from an Indian headdress and contains vital information that will help your firm get public recognition.

A small but efficient banner flag is large enough to contain the information that you deem most important – your name, URL, and perhaps a keyword or picture of your product. These images are enough to send the message that you want and need to your clients. With the website, the interested customer will easily check their smart phone or iPod for more details. The point is to “flag” down your potential user and let them know that you are here and ready to serve, entertain, or otherwise make their lives better. These small but efficient displays do exactly that.

These custom flags can be for a variety of causes. Not only for advertising, fabric displays can be used as markings leading a client to your home office. There are a million uses for them. They may serve for promotions, personal affairs and even parties and festivals. The name of the person being honored may be placed on them with an attractive photographic profile in a black on color design. There are more uses for them being invented every day.

They look good in the grass, along the sidewalk, along the bordered edges of a golf course, country club or outside a sports center. They complement the entrance to an automobile dealership, a shopping center, or a university. They don’t take up a lot of space, but like those in front of the United nations, they make a powerful impact and always get noticed.

Instead of shouting “come over here right now!”, they whisper “psst!”  The one gets attention in modestly. It waves and bends in the wind, never begging but always attracting. They are patient – they will wait, but they will be noticed.

There is more to learn regarding these custom flags – browse here.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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