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When to Use Double-Sided Vinyl Banners

Double-Sided Vinyl Banners: Getting Maximum Ad Exposure Double-Sided Vinyl Banners have long been an effective way to advertise! They can be used for any kind of event imaginable and can also be permanent fixtures in commercial establishments. When you purchase these printed promotional displays, you’re making an investment in your business or organization. Doesn’t it… Keep Reading

PVC Vinyl Banners – Heavy Duty Outside Marketing

PVC Vinyl Makes Heavy Duty Outdoor Banners PVC vinyl banners are tough and they’re designed to stand up to the elements. If you plan to display a banner in an outdoor location, the PVC option is the only choice that makes sense. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is heavy duty vinyl that should last for years…. Keep Reading

Preparing Your Design for Fabric Banner Printing

How to Design a Fabric Banner for Printing Using fabric banners for business marketing and events is a classy way to go if you plan to display your banners indoors. There are many reasons to opt for fabric over vinyl banners. First of all, if you have your fabric banner printing done by a reputable… Keep Reading

Top Ten Tips for Finding Quality Wholesale Vinyl Banners

The Best Methods in Finding Wholesale Vinyl Banners Online Shopping online for wholesale vinyl banners is always a challenge due to the number of options one encounters after a basic Google search. The possibilities are seemingly endless! The best way to narrow down the number of options is to be very precise in your search…. Keep Reading

Locating a Source for PVC or Vinyl Outdoor Banners

Vinyl and PVC Indoor or Outdoor Banners: Sources for High or Low Quantities Where is the best place to purchase vinyl outdoor or indoor banners? Of course, I will always tell you, “Right here,” but to be fair to your question, I will give you your available options, as well as the pros and cons of… Keep Reading

Pricing per Linear Foot for Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl PVC Banner Printing Costs per Linear Foot Versus Cost per Square Foot? Not as Simple as You Might Think How much can I expect to pay for a vinyl banner per linear foot? I am asked this question quite often, but of course, there are never simple answers because we have to ask you… Keep Reading

Gluing a One-sided Banner to a Sheet of Plywood?

Is Gluing a Single Sided PVC Vinyl Banner to a Sheet of Plywood a Good Idea? It Depends. A customer called me the other day and asked what type of glue he could use to glue a one-sided vinyl banner to a sheet of plywood. While this sounds like a simple question, I like to… Keep Reading

Weather Concerns Regarding Two-sided Vinyl Banners

Vinyl PVC Banners: Whether the Weather be Calm or Whether the Weather be Stormy, Will My Vinyl Banner Weather the Weather? I am often asked whether the weather will affect a one or two-sided vinyl PVC banner. The answer is yes, but probably not the way you might be thinking. The reason I’m writing this… Keep Reading

Where To Buy a Double-sided/Two-sided Vinyl Banner Wholesale

Wholesale Two-sided Printed PVC Vinyl Banners: Where is the Best Place to Purchase Them? I am sometimes asked, ”Where is the best place to purchase a two-sided vinyl banner?” Of course, I am biased on the answer to this question, but I will attempt to put that aside to answer this question fairly and equitably…. Keep Reading

Hemming Your Vinyl Banners – What is the Best Method?

Vinyl Banner Hemming – Should You Glue, Tape, Sew, or Heat Weld? Question: How do you hem a printed vinyl banner if you don’t have a sewing machine to stitch the edges? Answer: This is a good question, as many shops don’t have an industrial sewing machine to hem banners. However, glue is not the… Keep Reading

How Much Does a PVC Vinyl Banner Cost?

Why I Can’t Give You the Average Cost of a Vinyl Banner – There are Lots of Factors in Pricing PVC Banners I am often asked, “What is an average cost of a custom PVC vinyl banner? If, for instance, the question comes from “Joe Home Builder,” I will often reply to such queries, somewhat… Keep Reading

Removing Wrinkles from a PVC Vinyl Banner

How to Remove a Wrinkle from a Vinyl Banner – Or, Better Alternatives to PVC Banners if You Need to Move the Banner from Location to Location “I have a vinyl banner that one of my employees folded,” says Ron. “Is there any way to remove wrinkles from a PVC vinyl banner?” The answer to… Keep Reading

PVC Vinyl Banners and Fabric Banners

Various Banner Types – Vinyl, Cloth Fabric, and Polypro Banners, Plus Other Varieties I am often asked if there are more than one variety of PVC vinyl banners. If the meaning of this questions is in regards to weights or sizes or whether or not a banner can be printed on both sides or just… Keep Reading

Will a Vinyl PVC Banner Float in or on Water?

Floating Vinyl Banners on the Ocean, Lake, or River? Why Would You Even do That? I have a client asking if a vinyl banner will float on water, presumably in a lake, river or ocean. First, I would have to ask why would you want to put a printed vinyl banner in a lake in… Keep Reading

How to Screen or Digitally Print PVC or Vinyl Banners

Screen Printing or Digitally Printing PVC or Vinyl Banners; No Painting Allowed on Vinyl I have received several questions regarding vinyl (flexible PVC) banners that I am going to answer over the next few articles. The first is, “What type of paint does one use on vinyl banners?” The answer is that we don’t use… Keep Reading

The Difference Between Ink and Dye in Digital or Dye Sub Printing

How Ink Works in Inkjet Printing Versus How Dye Works in Dye Sublimation Printing In an ongoing process to educate my readers, first let me say this is a good question, though I’m going to spend a bit of time on the terminology of dye sub printing. The first term is the term ink. Now,… Keep Reading

Is Dye Sublimate Printing the Same Process as Laser Printing?

Dye Sublimation Printing and Laser Printing – Can Both Processes be Used to Print Cloth Fabric Banners? Question: I was told by a vendor that dye sublimate printing is the same as laser printing.  Is this true? Answer: If by laser printing, they were referring to inkjet printing, the answer would be partially yes, but… Keep Reading

Differences Between Dye Sublimation Printing vs. Digital Ink Jet Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing of Fabric Banners and Displays Compared to Items Printed Using an Inkjet Digital Printer Question: This is probably a pretty basic question, but I was wondering what a dye sublimation printer is characteristically used for? Answer: Actually, this is a good question, and while I’ve written a lot on this topic, I… Keep Reading

Dye Sublimation Printing on Fabric: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dye Sublimation Printing on Fabric Banners & Garment Versus Printing with an Inkjet Printer Some clients have asked what the advantages or disadvantages are to a dye sublimation printer or printing, so I am addressing this topic today. Dye sublimation printing is, by definition, the sublimating of dye in fabric. The… Keep Reading

How Dye Sublimation of Garments, Banners, and Signs Works

Dye Sublimation Printing of Polyester Fabric: Heat Transfer Printing for Fabric Banners, Signs, and Other Items Question: Can you please describe how dye sublimation printing works? What kind of printer is used? Is it the same as heat transfer printing? Answer: Wow! All very good and related questions to the dye sub and heat transfer… Keep Reading

What is a “Quick Screen” Adjustable Banner Stand?

Where Can I Find a Quick Screen (Retractable/Pull-up/Roll-up/Adjustable) Banner Stand? I get a lot of people asking where to purchase a “quick screen” banner stand. For educational purposes, I will say that the more common terms for this banner stand are 1) adjustable banner stands, 2) retractable banner stands, 3) roll-up banner stands, and 4)… Keep Reading

Roll-up Pull-up Retractable Banner Stands – Uses and Locations

Where to Buy and How to Use Roll-up, Pull-Up, or Retractable Banner Stands Question: I am a graphics broker – or as some would say, a “middle-man” – and would like to know where to find wholesale or discounted pricing on retractable banner stands – also known as roll-up banner stands or pull-up banner stands?… Keep Reading

How to Design a Dye Sub Roll-up, Pull-Up, Retractable Banner Stand

Best Practices for Designing a Retractable/Pull-up/Roll-up Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banner Stand That Sells Question: How much copy or how many letters can be printed on a pull-up or roll up banner? Answer: Retractable banners, also known as roll-up and pull-up banner stands, average a floor model size (non-table top models which are shorter) is… Keep Reading

Pull Up, Roll Up, or Retractable Banners – What Materials are Used to Make Them?

What Materials are Used to Make Retractable, Roll up, or Pull up Banners? Question: What are pull up, roll up, or retractable banner stands and banners made from – what materials, that is? Answer: Depending on the banner stand, the exterior shell is usually aluminum or plastic (cheaper models will be plastic), the end caps… Keep Reading

Retractable, Pull Up, and Roll Up Banners – What’s the Difference?

Information about Roll-up, Pull-up, and Retractable Banners – Fabric, Paper, Vinyl, Polypro? In the last post I talked about the evolution of how and where to buy fabric or vinyl banner signs, particularly in the realm of color printing, and how we’ve gone from the sign shop as the middle man to the internet more… Keep Reading

Where to Buy Retractable Banners or Advertising Display Banners

Where to Purchase Display Advertising Banners and Retractable Banners for a Cheap Price Wholesale We are asked, periodically, where to purchase dye sublimation printed fabric display banners, roll up banners, retractable banners, pull up banners, advertising banners, display banners, or vinyl banners. In the not-too-distant past, these items found mostly in the realm of your… Keep Reading

The Best Placement of Advertising Banners in Order to be Seen

Dye Sublimation Fabric or Vinyl Advertising Banners – Placement for Best Visibility Question: I’d like to purchase some advertising banners to advertise new products and services for our business. What are the best locations to place them? Answer: I need to give a multi-faceted answer to this question as there’s a lot more than just… Keep Reading

How to Hang a Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Display Banner

Assembling and Hanging Dye Sub Printed Fabric Banners and Displays for Retail and Trade Show Environments Question: I need to know how to assemble and hang a dye sublimation printed fabric banner. Can you help me out with this? Also, can I illuminate a hanging sign or banner? Answer: Without knowing specifically what you’re hanging… Keep Reading

Are Dye Sub Printed Fabric Banners Better Than Vinyl Banners?

Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric  Banners Versus Vinyl Banners – Which is Better? Question: Can you tell me why you think vinyl banners or cloth fabric banners are superior? Answer: Yes, and no. They are both superior in certain applications, and both inferior in other applications. It would be similar, I think, to ask whether a… Keep Reading

How to Install Dye Sublimation Printed Banners on Trade Show Displays, Banner Stands, or Hanging Displays

Installing Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners on Displays or Frames Question: How are dye sublimation printed fabric structures/signs installed or hung? Answer: There are many different apparati for utilizing dye sublimation printed fabrics. The simplest method is, of course, to hang a print similar to how you’d hang a banner – by tacking it to… Keep Reading

How Dye Sublimation Fabric/Cloth Printing is Used Commercially

Commercial Applications of Dye Sublimation Fabric Banner & Display Printing Question: In what commercial applications are dye sublimation printed cloth or fabric used? Answer: There are quite a number of applications for dye sub printing on fabric/cloth, most of which are commercial at some level, although some products like shirts end up on retail store… Keep Reading

Large Format Poster, Sign, and Banner Printer – Which One to Buy

Indoor and Outdoor Poster, Banner, and Sign Display Printers Question: I am wondering what type of printer I could use to print 36 inch to 42 inches in width posters, banners, or outdoor signs and the like? Answer: There are many companies that produce large format printers, but I can’t really tell you which ones… Keep Reading

Printed Cloth Fabrics – Banners, Tapestries, Quilts and Others

What a Large Piece of Fabric Printed With Custom Designs is called Question: I can’t think of the term that you call a large piece of fabric with a design or designs on it. Can you help me out? Answer: I’ll give it a try. There are a lot of options here we can talk… Keep Reading

Durability of Polyester Poplin Fabric Banner for Parades

Are Poplin Fabric Banners Suitable and Strong Enough for Parade Events Question: We’re planning to purchase a banner for our high school marching band for an upcoming parade. Is a poplin fabric banner strong enough for this usage? Answer: I’m assuming you’re using a polyester poplin material for the banner as that’s the only poplin… Keep Reading

Fabric Banners for Art Reproduction and Sporting Events

Fabric Banners  – Dye Sublimation Printing of Photographic Art – plus – Printing for Sports Events Question: I am an artist and a photographer, and was wondering if I can order pictures or art reproductions on fabric? Answer: The only limit to printing on fabric is your imagination. Dye sublimation printing on fabrics is not… Keep Reading

Where Can I Find Custom Printing of Cloth Banners?

How do Purchase Cloth Banner Displays with Custom Prints Question: How and where should I go to purchase a custom printed cloth banner? Answer: It will depend on what type of custom printed fabric banner you’re looking for, as well as the size and quantity. If you’re looking for a one off, simply enter dye… Keep Reading

Making Appliqué and Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners

Part 3: Best Way to Make or Buy Fabric Banners for a Medieval-style Wedding Original Question (Don’t worry, I will answer it eventually!): I am planning a medieval themed wedding and would like to know the best way to make or buy cloth fabric banners for our celebration? Answer: I’ll finish up the history on… Keep Reading

Appliqué and Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners Part 2

Part 2: How Appliqued Banners were Used in Ancient Times Original Question (Don’t worry, I will answer it eventually!): I am planning a medieval themed wedding and would like to know the best way to make or buy cloth fabric banners for our celebration? Answer: Still unpacking the history here in part two – Use… Keep Reading

History of Appliqué and Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banners

Part 1: History of Appliquéd Banners and Dye Sublimation Polyester Fabric Banners Question: I am planning a medieval themed wedding and would like to know the best way to make or buy cloth fabric banners for our celebration? Answer: Making appliquéd fabric banners would be the most authentic way to accomplish this, but it will… Keep Reading

What Is DTG Printing? Is It Right For Your Company?

What You Need to Learn About Direct-To-Garment Printing Question: What is DTG Printing? Answer: DTG is an acronym for Direct to Garment printing. Other terms for this include, but are not limited to, digital direct to garment printing, inkjet to garment printing, and digital apparel printing. The DTG printing process  involves printing directly to textiles… Keep Reading

Are Heavier Banners More Durable? Plus, How to Make A Banner

Is Heavier Weight Vinyl More Durable? And, What Is The Best Way To Create A Banner? Question: What is the difference between 13 oz. and 15 oz. vinyl banner material? Answer: Vinyl banner material weight is calculated by the weight of the material per square foot. Sometimes the threads will be heavier in the heavier… Keep Reading

Dye Sublimation Printing of Fabric Banners – Grommets Vs. Pole Pockets

How to Get Those Gorgeous Color Prints in Dye Sub Banner Printing, and How Grommets Differ from Pole Pockets Questions: How do you get such gorgeous colors on your fabric banners? Answer: Our polyester fabric banners are printed using the heat transfer or dye sublimation printing method. This method uses heat and pressure to create… Keep Reading

Retractable Floor Banner Vs. Table Top Fabric Banner Stand

Table top Roll Up Fabric Banner Stands or Retractable Floor Banners – Which Ones To Use? Question: We’re debating in the marketing department at our firm whether to use a retractable floor banner stand or a table top roll up fabric banner stand – which do you think we should use? Answer: This question is… Keep Reading

Effective Outdoor Advertising for Any Event

Advertising Strategies to Consider When Promoting Your Product/Service at an Outdoor Event Question:  Today Al W. asks, “We are going to be attending, as a sponsor, a large 3 on 3 basketball competition. What is the most effective advertising we can provide for an outdoor event? Answer:  Thanks for the question, Al. As with any… Keep Reading

Pull Up or Roll Up Banner Sizes – Plus, RGB vs CMYK Printing

Different Sizes of Pull Up/Roll Up Banners – File Types for Printing – CMYK Vs. RGB Color Spectrum Question:  In today’s mailbag, Jan asks, “I need to order some pull up or roll up banners. What sizes are available and what advice you could give me for the print file design and file type?” Answer: … Keep Reading

Various Types of Inks Used When Printing Posters or Banners

The Kinds of Inks Designed for Banner and Poster Printing Question: An anonymous reader asks today about the types of ink that are used for printing banners and posters? Answer:  This is a pretty broad-based question as it has less to do with what is being printed versus what type of printing is being used… Keep Reading

How to Design Banner Print Displays that Attract Viewers

Designing Interior and Exterior Banners For Maximum Viewing Question:  Today, John M. asks “I’m designing my own banners. Do you have any advice for me on how to design banners for maximum success? Answer:  John, do I ever! I am all about good advice, particularly when designing banners or signs, both for interior and exterior… Keep Reading

Pantone Colors for Banners – Lettering Sizes for Better Viewing

Using Pantone Color Matching for Display Printing, and Readable Sign Letter Sizes for Better Viewing Question:  From today’s mail bag, Joe M. has asked if we can print Pantone Matching System® (PMS) colors on banners or posters? Answer:  Joe, the answer to your question is generally “yes.” Most printing equipment today, which includes screen printing,… Keep Reading

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Banners – Print Resolution for Fabric Banners

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Banners – Fabric Banner Printing File/Resolution Question:  Is there any difference between outdoor and indoor banners? Answer:  Generally, a banner that can be used indoors can also be used out of doors. However, there are some differences in construction that should be noted if you know that your banner is going to… Keep Reading

Various Types of Banners

The Different Kinds of Banner Print Displays Available Question: How Many Different Types of Banners Are There? Answer: Quite a few if you break some of the major categories into individual pieces. Also, some banners that were popular in past years have all but faded from the scene due to changes in technology and printing…. Keep Reading

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