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Polycarbonate Control Panel Subsurface Printed Overlay Decals


Printed Polycarbonate Decals Overlays for Nameplates, Keyboards, Keypads, Machinery Applliances, and Automotive Instrument Control Panels

Polycarbonate (Lexan™) Overlay Decals are subsurface printed to protect the copy and graphics from scratches and abrasions in areas where a significant amount of contact is probable.

Product Features and Options

Polycarbonate Decals are available with the following options and/or features:

custom overlay stickers

  • Back-Adhesive only
  • FREE set-up on most Decals
  • Split backing on most Decals
  • Custom & Pantone™ Color Matching
  • Copy and/or Color Change Discounts
  • Exterior & Internal Die-cutting
  • .010” and .015” Thickness
  • 4-Color Process
  • Orders ship in approx. 6 working days
  • Rush Orders and Expedited Shipping

Where to Use Overlay Decals

Polycarbonate Overlay Decals can be used for:

warning polycarbonate label

  • Computer Keyboards/Monitors
  • Appliances
  • Telephones
  • Office Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Face Plates
  • And any other place where there is a lot of contact with a decal…


Note regarding Clear Decals

Under most circumstance any colors must be backed with white to prevent the colors from appearing “washed out.” The white can back-up just the art or the entire background. In cases where the graphics or copy is thin or small, a “halo” print may be required.

The Visigraph 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We pay careful attention to every detail on every order we receive, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is just what it says…you’ll love our decals or we’ll re-do them. It doesn’t happen often, but hey, we’re human too! Rest assured, though, that if it does, we’ll fix’em free of charge and with no hassle.

Calculating the size of your Polycarbonate Overlay Decal

Length x Width = Number of Square Inches. For example, if you have a decal that is 3” x 5” simply multiply 3 x 5 = 15 square inches.

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