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Deciding on the Type of Vinyl Stickers to Choose

Vinyl Decals

Kids love vinyl stickers and so do adults! It’s fun to choose those that you are attracted to or that promote some cause or event that has meaning.

Stick them almost anywhere and you have fun-filled graphic art decor. Removing them should also be an easy task, if desired, and depending on the surface and the material used in making them, they may even be reusable on another surface.

How can they be used year round and have meaning for so many different occasions? They are simply a universal little item that has true meaning for many.

Different Choices for Vinyl Sticker Graphics According to Your Need

polyvinyl on roll labels One of the most popular of all graphics is one that depicts the U.S. flag in some form. Whether flat and rectangular in shape, oval, round, or square, the flag is shown either fully unfurled or in some form of “flight”. Flying the flag is a patriotic thing to do in this country as well as many others and when a large flag is not possible stickers can make it happen!

Refrigerators are a popular receptacle for flag sticker magnets, large or small. And it’s a good idea to measure out the area you wish to apply your vinyl graphics to before buying unless you wish to cover your entire fridge with a single sticker!

All you need to do is measure the height and width you wish your sticker to cover and multiply one by the other (for instance a 3” by 5” sticker would take up 15 square inches of area). These measurements would work for many applications such as banners, decals, signs, and those little stickers we all love.

Polyvinyl Graphics can be single or dual sided

Depending on the purpose and use intended for your new vinyl stickers, they can be manufactured in either one dimensional or multi-dimensional designs. Those who wish to place theirs on window glass may choose the double sided models that can be either identical on both sides or have one side represent one thing and the flip side another.

Let them be fun and unique and as large or small as you wish and just enjoy the fun and outstanding graphics they offer. These, as well as magnets, labels, and window clings can be produced in rolls or individually of nearly any amount, in sizes to meet customer requirements, and with great price breaks for larger quantities. Why not order some flag decals now for the patriotic summer events ahead?

Buy a roll of ribbon labels that depict the popular “Support Our Troops” or maybe “God Bless America” and while you’re at it, add on some flag shaped designs to the order (and you can also get those in the very popular magnetic form for your fridge or file cabinet)!

Decisions can be tough with so much to choose from!

Deciding which ones to select is not exactly a huge problem and making that decision can be made somewhat easier when the kids get involved. Let them choose from Disney, animals, their favorite team sports, or a patriotic theme such as with flags or banners. Order plenty so the discount is large. The easy part is ordering and when the wait is short, enjoying those bright colorful graphics once they arrive.

Where to stick them is up to you. Maybe on the windows, books, helmets, car windows and bumpers, and don’t forget the static cling variety which can easily be taken down and moved to another location (make sure the kids don’t get too carried away)!

Patriotism deserves a good 100% guarantee!

Look for a business that provides a good solid 100% guarantee and that will get your vinyl stickers order sent to you quickly and accurately. Don’t settle for less than the best when your patriotism is at stake! Whether for business use or personal enjoyment, these have much to offer and when well made will most certainly be with you for many years to come.

For standard and custom printing of full colored vinyl stickers, read this.


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