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How Auto Dealer Stickers Help You Advertise Around the City

auto dealership

Auto dealer stickers are used by every dealership in showing that a particular car or auto was sold by that particular car dealership.

They also serve as a form of subtle, but effective advertising for the business.  Usually small and rectangular or oval shaped, they are discreet but informative bits of information.  They are an understatement – and meant to speak quietly but carry a lot of weight.

Car Dealership Sticker Quality Materials

auto dealership decals

Usually produced in conservative red, blue and green tones, they can be made of quality materials that won’t easily fade away, much like your auto dealership.

Long-lasting and waterproof, they may be made of a variety of modern materials:   Chrome, Brushed chrome, White reflective and Clear.  Like their names imply, the Chrome provides a silvery shining look to gleam and show off your car dealer stickers.

The brushed chrome material is also smooth and  shiny, but has an understated matte finish, like silk.  The White reflective car sticker is shiny and fresh, designed to look good for a long time.  The white background is a great contrast for your car dealership logo and gives a halo around the details that you want people to notice most, in particular your name.  Clear polyester gives the impression of a floating logo display – which calls more attention to the message than the background color.  Quality made and printed, they are designed to last for the many years.

Durability of Auto Dealer Stickers

Everyone knows that these kinds of vehicle graphics are expected to withstand a lot.  They are in traffic, which means the exhaust fumes of fossil fuel and the dirt and grime of the environment.  Smog also plays a part in the toxification of decals.  Needless to say, even the weather plays a part.  The damage done to your paint finish and car detailing job is unavoidable while driving out in the open.  There is another consideration, and that is, will they also be left outside all night long?  This well may be the case if the owner does not have the facility to properly garage their vehicle.

Prone to all the elements, it pays to produce auto dealer stickers in the best material that you can afford.  After all, once one leaves the sales lot, there is a very good chance that it’s not coming back.  Make sure that you send off each and every vehicle you sell with shiny, high quality decal graphics with the buyer having the solid expectation and reasoning that thousands of people will view them over the course of its lifetime.

Advertising Your Business

Advertising is a necessary part of doing business.  When a customer brings home that brand new vehicle, the neighbors will be giving the one-over at least half a dozen times!  Who knows how many times your auto dealer graphic will be seen, touched, massaged, viewed and even admired?  It’s hard to say, we will probably never know.  When it comes to a vehicle that lasts ten or more years, the number could be quite impressive!

Suitable for All Types of Vehicles

Auto dealer stickers are not just for cars.  All other automobiles may use them, and dealerships should consider which design makes the most sense for them.  Boats, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, standard utility vehicles, scooters and vespers, mopeds; even bicycles and scooters may benefit from them.  One piece is placed on a wheeled object, not a stationary piece of furniture, so obviously the vehicle you sold to the public won’t be staying in one place.  Wherever your beautiful object goes, it will be seen and observed – and so much the better! Check out more of their types in here.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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