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The Need for Car Window Stickers, Labels, and Decals

car window decals

That’s a pretty strong statement I made in the title, saying that people need car stickers and decals, isn’t it?

Now, just so you know, although I am the V.P. of sales and marketing for Visigraph, a company that prints these graphics, I personally don’t use them myself, so I understand people who don’t and I really don’t care if you do put them on your car or if you purchase them from me. Oh…I just remembered….my wife just put an “UPWARDS” decal on our van to support our son’s sports league. Doh!

Why People Need Car Decals Stickers and Labels on Their Vehicle Windows

I have not done a scientific study of socio-economic layers of society to determine what percentage of the population puts graphic displays on their vehicles. But as an offhand guess I would conjecture that 80 to 90% of the cars on the road have some sort on them. Maybe more, but I think that’s a pretty safe guess. There are those that state political bias, insult particular politicians or presidents, past and present, those that tell people where you went to school, humorous bumper stickers, those telling the world what sports team or teams you root for, business decals advertising where you bought your car, and the list goes on.

glass window vehicle auto sticker decalsI have noted that blue collar guys (a.k.a. rednecks) like really big rear window vehicle decal, preferably a perforated material that covers the entire rear window of their jacked-up Chevy Nova or Ford pickup (gotta be careful here as I have a Ford F250 – but the rear window is clean :). Usually it’s either an American Flag or a Rebel Flag. Sometimes the designs on the rear window are tasteless and tacky on these rigs, but blue collar guys (and some gals) love them.

On the other end of the socio-economic spectrum are the expensive automobiles like Mercedes and Lexus and Ferrari. These rarely display anything except maybe interior static clings of the Ivy League school they attended, or maybe the one their kid attends. Except for a friend of mine who owns a bunch of independent Verizon stores who completely decks out his Mercedes, Lexus, and Ferrari with full wrap car stickers and decals! His wife has a great sense of humor.

Then, there’s the middle where most of us live. The ones  we put on our vehicles vary far more than either end of the socio-economic spectrum hitherto discussed. Whereas the blue collar designs are thumbing their noses at the Lexus driver, and the Lexus driver is on his way to work to tell the blue collars what to do for the rest of their lives, the middle class is simply trying to belong.

Pride Factors: The Kinds that Americans put on Their Automobiles

Stickers placed on autos tell people that you are proud of your group, whatever that may be. It is programmed into the human psyche to belong – to a family, a church, a civic club, an alumni association, a fan club, and there are those for at least some of those associations in everyone’s life. As I stated in the first paragraph, we even have one now on the mini van for our son’s sports league. We belong.

Of course, geographically, most people around here support local sports teams with their auto graphics, unless of course, they’re from somewhere else. They still belong to a tribe somewhere and flaunt their tribe’s sports team’s logos. Downtown there are so many various university and college logos, that to belong downtown, you just need to have gone somewhere. Humans need to belong to a tribe. What tribe do you belong to? I’ll bet I can tell by looking at your auto’s decal!

Learn more and check out customized templates for car stickers and decals.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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