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Purchasing Custom Clear Decals or Transparent Window Decals

transparent window decals

Custom clear decals or transparent window decals are graphics that are typically printed on polyester or static cling material. They are a bit tricky to quote, as two- color have to be printed as three-color as they require that all colors be backed with white.

Why do you have to back up these clear or transparent window decals with white? They are printed with inks that have a degree of translucency, and when the ink is printed onto them,  they’d look kind of like stained glass, but not quite as vibrant. Most are printed on a white background, so the white helps create the printed shade “pop.” So, if it is a back adhering type, you print white first to inline all the colors (excepting very small letters or objects), then your color(s) next.

In case you got a face-adhering kind, you’d print your color(s) first, then back-print everything white behind the objects and letters. This way they will look great and the shades will look normal.

How to Avoid Trouble When Purchasing Transparent or Clear Custom Window Stickers and Decals

transparent window stickersThere are several ways to look into printing businesses that print custom clear decals. You may be looking for a neighborhood company, or you’re searching online, exploring for a print shop that you want to make these kinds of graphic displays for your school, business, or organization. The worldwide web has made it easier than ever before.

There were a multitude of instances where, if I’d followed the advice I’m giving you, or had the resources we have now, I’d have saved a lot of money! As you search for a print business, either locally with the yellow pages, or online, you may find 3 or 4 ones whose websites show the types you are looking for, so you make some phone calls and fire off some emails. One seems to be more oriented to your needs than the rest – what is the next step?

Do you whip out your credit card and place the order? If you’re at all like me, you like to feel in control, believe you found the best printer online, and make a quick decision. And maybe you did. But is there a better way to discern potential problems with this or any company?

You want those new printed decals, and you want them now! I’ll show you in the next few paragraphs how to be virtually 100% sure that the printer you’re about to do business with is great – or not.

Step 1. Go to You should be able to put the printer’s ZIP code into the field on this page and hit “go.” Now you’ll go to a new page that asks you to search for a business or charity. You’ll go to another page where you’ll place the company’s name and hit “search.” A new page will tell you what the firm is rated and why and if there are any complaints regarding transparent window decals, pending or solved, as well as a few other items that helps determine their rating. I wouldn’t discount one that has an A- to A+ rating with no complaints that’s not BBB accredited, as BBB accreditation simply means they paid them an annual fee.

Step 2. Since you may not see the whole story with the BBB – we’ve had our own not-so-positive experience with them – there’s a couple more steps I’d take in checking out the printing business. Google its name, and if there’s any dirt on them, it’ll show up on the front page of Google on While this site isn’t perfect either, if the company you’re wanting to deal with  shows up. If there’s just one complaint, I don’t view it too critically a single complaint as some patrons won’t be content regardless. However, in the aforementioned issue with the BBB, had we checked out a certain credit card processing firm, we would have saved ourselves many hours, many headaches, and over $1200.

Step 3. When you do the research online, other consumer watchdog sites can come up, such as Go to one of these sites or more and search about the company on this or similar sites, and if they pass muster on all three steps, order those graphics now!

See more of custom clear decals or window decals: Click here.


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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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