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Custom Magnets Ensure Your Business Gets Noticed

Personalized magnets

Look on nearly everyone’s refrigerator doors and you will most likely find custom magnets and many of them promote some business or worthy cause. This is the most popular and favorite place for free advertising in the world!

When you think about it, you give a customer (or prospective customer) your free magnet which they then take home. Next, they place that onto their fridge door and then see them all the time after that.

Kids love to look at them, move them around, and rearrange them according to color or size, or whatever strikes them at the moment. When friends and neighbors pass by your refrigerator they notice those bright colorful stick-on magnets and notice the name even if the owner has forgotten all about them.

Now even more eyes have seen that tiny subtle bit of promotion and it will be ingrained in their mind because the next time they want their car repaired or plumbing done they will recall that business name and give them a call. It’s almost subliminal the way those little graphics can work! And they do absolutely work quite effectively for your business!

Make Your Schedule Magnet a Top Priority for Those Who Participate

Personalized magnetic decals and stickers It may be baseball season now but football is not far away and it’s time to get that schedule out there for the fans to follow. Make sure they do not miss a single game by giving out custom magnets with the schedule printed on them and using bright colorful graphics that stand out and demand to be noticed!

People love them and when they also promote their favorite sport it can become a pastime itself just to take those schedule promoting magnetic items home and place them on the most popular appliance in the home… the family fridge!

Select from a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and color combinations and you have a giveaway that’s not only popular and appreciated, it’s one that will be looked at often as the sports season continues. Keep them coming back to the games with these attractive items.

Let Customers Know You Appreciate Them With Magnetic Loyalty Cards

Plumbers appreciate their customers and can show it with magnetic graphics imprinted with a helpful gimmick such as a decimal equivalent chart or maybe a tip conversion chart. Those in the mortgage or money lending business can provide designs with amortization charts that are not only useful but make a great reminder when the business name is obviously placed on that item that will be seen by many who pass by the fridge in the office break room.

Part of the fun of holidays and special occasions is when everyone is aware of the date and there’s no better way to remind than by placing bright attractive designs where they will surely be noticed! Those useful graphics can include a list of nearly all holidays, birthday stones & flowers (January is Garnet and Carnation), as well as what to give as a gift on anniversaries (first year is paper). Many find this type of reminder list truly helpful and will long remember the source!

Stick ‘em on a Metal Office File Cabinet or the Kitchen Fridge

Bright and lively designs can be found in homes and offices where they are seen daily promoting a business, a schedule, a political candidate, a restaurant, school, or any other event that deserves to be noticed and appreciated.

Many business owners use magnets to promote their enterprise when placed on the door of their car. They will wear well whether indoors or out and usually are made from solid (.019” or .034”) vinyl sheeted stock that will last a good long time in any type of weather.

Look Where You Get a 100% Guarantee!

When you order your personalized designs, sure they provide you with a good solid guarantee! Shipping should be swift and accurate and rush orders an available specialty. Whether you need a few or choose to buy in bulk, they need to assure you of top quality and nothing less will do.

There are a lot of prints, templates, and designs for custom magnets; VIEW HERE.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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