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Roll Labels (or Stickers by the Roll) – Label and Sticker Printer

polyvinyl decals

Quite frankly, there are a bazillion companies online selling sticker products, from shipping on roll labels to service decals to pretty much any sticky thing you might want to purchase.

Pricing often seems to be the name of the game, and if you get stiffed for a few hundred bucks here and there, you just roll with it. It’s a hazard of the online purchasing game.

How To Know From Which Label and Sticker Printer to Purchase Your Company’s Shipping Label

I’m here to say, “No, it isn’t!” First, though, let me say that while these have become a commodity in the North American market, excellent companies selling various label products have not. I have one former employee, for instance, an affable young fellow, who worked for me for less than a year, then quit and has tried to duplicate what we do, selling the same products we market online.

So How Do You Tell the Difference Between Us – I Have 20+ Years Making & Selling – and this Guy Who’s Wet Behind The Ears?

The answer is, it’s pretty hard to tell. The products look the same. They might even work as well. The suppliers of materials could be the same companies. So what differentiates a good company from a not-so-good company online? Aren’t they pretty much the same from all online companies?

Maybe they’re the same, maybe they’re not. But you’re looking for cheap shipping tags, so you really don’t care that much. Can’t say that I blame you on that point. Items by the roll can be found at a hundred or more online stores, so find the cheapest one that you can and roll the dice. That is, if you don’t mind gambling on your expenditures.

If You Follow the Following Steps, You’ll Make Those Expenditures Without Rolling the Dice on Spurious Products

personalized sticker labels

OK, admittedly, I’m a gambler on lots of things…it’s a gamble to get in your car and drive across town, or eat at Jack-in-the-Box, or lots of things we do on a daily basis – or at least a calculated risk. I have some really cool ways to reduce online purchasing from being a gamble to at least a high odds calculated risk – in your favor. Address tags really shouldn’t be risky to purchase online, but on roll labels could set you back a few hundred bucks if you roll the dice on shady vendor.

So, here’s how I purchase any product online:

First, printing firms are easy to find…just Google any term to do with the labels that I’ve used in this post, or similar. You should come up with several companies that look like they can handle the job. Next, find a maker with a site that’s easy to navigate, see if they have an address with a ZIP code, copy it, then head over to the Better Business Bureau website – www.bbb.org. Plug in the name of the firm, the ZIP code, then follow the prompts through a couple of pages and you’ll get to a page that should give you the info you need regarding that enterprise you’ve decided to explore.

If the company has an A+ rating, you’ve probably found a decent company, but check to see if  it has any complaints pending or settled. Read the comments sections which will show the nature of the complaints in the plaintiff’s words, and the response by the company. If there are few to none of these to read, it’s likely this is a good printer, and it’ll come down to pricing with other good firms that you come up with in your research.

The second step is virtually the same as the third step and visa versa. Google the company names you want to buy labels from, that you’ve already run through the Better Business Bureau’s website. Check to see if anything comes up with any that you’re researching. If nothing comes up on them on sites like www.RipOffReport.com, www.ComplaintsBoard.com or www.ComplaintWire.org, then you’ve probably all but eliminated any risks in working with that business.

That’s how I’ve learned to avoid getting ripped off online. If you’re looking for on roll labels or stickers by the roll, just make sure that you follow the steps outlined above while searching for a great printing company online, and you’ll reduce at least one of your daily gambles to a calculated risk. Should you be interested to discover more about acquiring the above graphic tags, find out here.

If you have anything you can add aside from the steps mentioned above, feel free to share at the comment form below.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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