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Making The Best Out Of Refrigerator Magnets

Fridge Magnets

You know what people love to give and even more love to get – refrigerator magnets.  The more fun they are, the better. They should be attractive, squeezable and easy to stick on your fridge – or anything else magnetic. Hard or flexible, round or square, magnets are a great conversation piece. They decorate your fridge and advertise your company all at the same time.

graphic magnets for the fridge

Kids of all ages love magnetic items. They are ideal for attaching a shopping list to the refrigerator, a love note or a “honey do” list. Colorful and fun to look at, they add a little pizzazz to a sterile kitchen interior. They are useful as well as decorative. It’s hard to imagine what we ever did without them!

Good quality ones stick onto a variety of metal surfaces. They stick to the fridge, of course, but that is only the beginning. Your magnetic ad can stick on a metal locker door, a lunch pail, the side of a metal cabinet, the dashboard of a cockpit, the side of a washing machine or other home metal-based appliances. Let your imagination go wild!

Why are Refrigerator Magnets Effective?

Why are these  so effective at getting your name out there? The main reason is probably because they are so much fun to stick onto things. Even better than that, they are an excellent way to publicize your event or business – because first, they are highly visible – and secondly, they don’t cost that much to make.

Making refrigerator them is fun because there are a ton of options at your fingertips.  Do you like a state shape?  “Fine!”  Whether you are from the Show Me State or theGoldenState, suitable designs can be produced.  Calendar – types are also available, as well as performance / athletic / hunting / or any other type of seasonal designs.  Choose your favorite.

Some professionals prefer to have their business card be produced as a magnet.  This is an easy way to give their card additional value – it is more likely to be stuck on a surface than to be thrown into the waste basket.

Refrigerator magnets can be made up as a duplication of the local school mascot to help drum up support for your local team.  There are those that are designed to convey a message, like dishes washed / dishes dirty, depending on whether they are right side up or upside down.  Their application is universal and truly creative.

Since most people have a reason to visit the fridge more than a couple of times a day, the magnets have become surprisingly well assimilated in life’s daily routines. They, themselves, have become more sophisticated with time, making them more attractive, adorable and almost collectible.  In only a few years, they have come a long way, and it seems like it won’t be slowing down any time soon!

A Little Giveaway to Clients

Do you want to give your client something that they won’t be throwing away anytime soon?  These printed graphics are appreciated, even to the point of being treasured.  Company literature or a sales brochure has a more likely chance of being tossed into the waste bin – but they are a completely different story.  Besides their utilitarian function, some sales people have become bona fide collectors of these items, take pride in the number of quality ones they have accumulated so far.  This goes without saying especially when yours is special, unique and has appeal.  The number of people who see your design may truly surprise you.  These are the sorts of things that go beyond the normal sales equations of supply and demand, buy and sell. Invest a little in quality ones and you might be surprised to see where they end up!

Originally made from scrap magnetic material pieces left over from producing truck decals and other larger display boards, fridge graphics have become a sales medium and force in and of themselves.  They remain one of the most popular types of advertising available.

Click here to experience the various kinds and designs of refrigerator magnets..


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