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What Are Wall Clings?

Cartoon Wall Clings

What are wall clings? They definitely know how to “cling on“! They typically consist of plasticized vinyl, clear or white, and stick effortlessly to a glass surface, taking advantage of the slight stickiness produced by the excess plasticizers.

That’s right, no adhesive to apply and clean off later! They are great for spur of the moment informational displays. How many times have you seen big red letters sticking to the glass with messages like, 30% off – Today Only or In Store Clearance or other hot news? They do the job up right, with a minimum of fuss, bother and expense.  Talk about environmentally friendly! No sticky chemicals and sprays.

By nature, they are extremely outgoing!  Not shy at all, they are short and sweet and to the point. They may be printed up in large block letters, in many cases, to fit in with the mood of LOOK HERE and RIGHT NOW!

Wall Display Clings Ideal for Stores and Business

They are ideal for stores and businesses with a large glass window facing the street. Because most of them are on clear material, they don’t block your view to outside of the store. Better yet, they don’t block the customer’s view looking inside the store, which is key for businesses. Most customers prefer to look in before they walk in the door. They are great for giving the message without impairing your chances that they will ever set foot inside.

Full Color Graphic

cling graphics for walls

They can be made in color too, in a mural type display. Custom and Pantone Color Matching is available, helping you get the tones that get the message across. These large static cling stickers are on every corner.  Once you realize just how common the static window clings really are, you will begin to notice them in places that you never noticed before. They were always there, but in such a way to bring in the business and advertise some of your best products.

Window clings can be transparent or colorful. They can be white backed with colorful logo or short message.  What a spectacular, contrasting presentation that doubles as an advertisement!  It’s a great way to show the world that your business is here, alive and functioning well.

Business Advertising

These graphic wall clings are a little like the vital signs of your business. When you show them every now and then that means the goods are moving and the business cycles are happening. Out with the old and in with the new. So look into them with the message that helps spring clean the goods you need to move out in order to make room for the new seasonal shipment. Not only will you add a little verve to your front window display, it will raise the consciousness of the passersby who out of curiosity can’t resist the temptation of seeing whether your big discount has something for them inside. They are like that – and that’s not science fiction.

They are great for a temporary special, promotion or offer that will be used for a short time. The static clings stick to the glass immediately.  Taking them down is just as easy. Luckily, they are very rapidly produced, which means you can have a personalized order ready in as little as five working days.  They can be stuck on the inside and the outside windows.  They also work well on a mirror, acrylic backed boards and other shiny, smooth surfaces.  Most colored ones are backed with white to prevent them from looking washed out.

Large Format Wall Clings

Digitally printed on wide rolls of media or screen-printed on sheets, large format decals look great and are a breeze to put into place. Highly visible and attractive, they are hard to not notice. Designed to be seen from the street, even passing autos can easily get the message that you are trying to convey. It’s a great option for a temporary promotion, so if you wish, stick with a message that you can use time and time again.  In just a moment’s notice, the displays can be up on the wall and flagging down traffic designed to bring in visitors to the store when you want and need it the most.

Watch out for more about wall clings, custom printing, and more.


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