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Ideas for Wall Stickers Applications

Stickers and Decals Designed on Walls

Wall stickers are great at doing their job – informing the public all about your product while firmly affixing themselves to all types of walls. They advertise your business with special decals, large graphics and many times resemble art.

Who but a professional would guess that the big, impressive sign on your wall is really a sticker! They have many uses and applications, and can appear as fresh and delightful as a mural. Thank goodness, you don’t have to commission a private artist to come paint on your wall. The printed graphics are designed to look impressive and in the long run, amazingly similar, but at a fraction of what it would cost you to have done up by a professional artist or interior decorator.

Wall Sticker Uses and Applications

graphic sticker for walls

These decals for walls  can be found in more places than you might think.  Depending on your needs, they can be used for outdoor advertising as well. They can be mounted directly to sign boards all by themselves, or be backed with a metal, plastic or form core to give added dimension, body, width and substance. It all depends up on the look you are trying to create.

Interior applications can add a lot of life to your business interior. An over-sized cling of your product assortment helps customers see all in one glance what their options are, and how to make a choice between the options you are presenting. With a colorful contrast and sharp trim, you can’t help design your way into their hearts, since it is, in many ways, closer to art than advertising.

Also, they work well for event promotion, too. Their sheer size and attractiveness get the attention that other methods don’t. They are big, bright and colorful, with large script and a catchy layout. They are not used to being ignored!

Don’t limit yourself if thinking that wall stickers are only for walls of buildings. They look great on the outer wall of your trailer, especially if it’s a promotional vehicle used for traveling from site to site. There are walls everywhere you look. As a barricade or at sporting events, people use them to promote good, services and just plain old brand name recognition. Without them, wouldn’t walls be dull to look at? How many professional sporting events have you been to – where at least a thousand wide format trailer clings were placed as a method of sponsoring the team and financing stadium upkeep?

Graphics and Printing

Wall graphics have become increasingly more creative with time and print method sophistication.  Based on a “fool the eye” technique, they can actually appear to be something that they are not!  These smart ads go a long way in getting consumer attention because they make a person look and look again. The prospective customer wants to be sure that what they are looking at is not a trick or an optical illusion.  Once he or she figures it out, you have had plenty of time to get a recognizable image, name, and brand into their subconscious. That is what advertising is all about – planting a seed today, letting it ripen in the future when what they need is what you’ve got to sell.

They can also inform the public of important cultural events, like events of the stage and screen. Many art galleries, museums and theaters use them to inexpensively and effectively inform the public of new events being offered in the area.

With revolutionary advances in printing techniques over the past twenty-odd years, print quality has gone from so-so to photographic quality. This is why a good marketing manager takes advantages of technology, which managed to lower the prices on many advertising processes that were formerly strictly out of reach, especially for the small business owner. True no more – anyone can afford to invest a few bucks in a qualitative, advertising and informative display to either drum up your sales, inform the public of a public event or just publicize your business – all with convenient and versatile large format prints.

Check out more custom printed wall stickers  in wide format layouts.


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