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What Rear Window Decal Sticker Means to Americans

Rear Car Window Stickers

America has a love affair with the window decal sticker and almost every car you see has at least one graphic proclaiming that they went to Impressive State University or that there are 5 family members and a dog and a cat and a parrot, or the like.

I find it an interesting study that the this is used not only as a visual display, but as prolifically as it is. It might be a study in freedom of expression or the freedom we have in America to express ourselves or what we like or who we are voting for or who we love or who we hate. And decal on your car is your banner of freedom.

Why the Rear Window Sticker Decal is the most Popular in America

Car glass window sports stickersWell, let me answer by saying I really can’t imagine going to, say, Russia, and seeing many cars with a windshield stickers stating “Putin: Bad for Business – Bad for Russia.” One that states such a message might not last long anyway as it might get blown away by the opposition.

Or how about another in North Korea stating “What would Jesus Do” as a graphic display? Yeah, OK, you might have it on there for a day, maybe two, then you’d be hauled off and beaten and never heard from again. Of course, since only the military and government officials have vehicles, one piece might be a bit hard to find in that great bastion of freedom.

Maybe you should head to the Middle East…there are lots of cars there, so I’m sure a piece would be OK, say, something that says like “Girl Power” or the like. Of course, you might get by with that if you’re NOT a girl, but then you might get stoned (with rocks, not drugs) if they decided you were making a gender statement with that.

Yes, these are preposterous examples of the usage of this kind of visual print, but really, not that preposterous. If you think you live in an oppressive country, and I’ve seen the occasional window decals making that statement in one form or another, if you did actually live in an oppressive country, not only would your car and graphic be confiscated, you’d likely end up in jail for a time and be levied a fine you could never pay.

Americans, protect your freedom. You really don’t know what you have. So get yourself an American Flag sticker and put that on your rear windows to work for freedom! But here’s the great thing – even if you don’t agree with me it is a symbol of freedom, you can get one made denouncing me and my position, and guess what!? You can do that! This is America, and we have that freedom.

Alright, Mr. Graphic Expert Guy, What Makes You an Expert on American Freedom?

A couple weeks ago I fell a tree on my F-250 pickup truck – yeah, I know, pretty lame – but that’s not my topic today…maybe I’ll tell how that happened in a later article. Anyway, I called Jacob’s Auto Glass in Spokane, WA, to come out and quote me on repairing the front windshield, which had sustained the bulk of the damage. Sergei came out and took the info and then we stood and chatted for awhile about life in Georgia (the one near Russia, not the one near Florida), and how you couldn’t move there and get anywhere and how you either come there with money or you’ll be living in a dumpster – if you’re lucky. And he said Americans have no idea, at least most of them, how good we really have it. If you’re an American, you’re an expert on Freedom. You just need to recognize that you have it.

So, America, the window decal sticker is not just an old graphic display- that is a symbol of freedom! So put that on your cars with pride and know that know matter what, you need to fight to protect your state who you are, what you stand for, how many kids you have, and who you think should be the next president – a true symbol of freedom!

Click here,, and see a collection of decals which you can adhere to your windshields.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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