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Why Wooden Letters Are Still A Favorite?

Classic Wooden Carved Lettering

Wooden letters are a traditional favorite that are always modern and attractive. They are smooth and substantial, giving the look of polished refinery.

Wood is a natural substance, which is finished with a clear varnish or paint. They look great in traditional settings. They give an appearance of tradition. Whether your business is old or new, these routed lettering cue your client into thinking that your business has been around for at least a few generations and will be around for generations to come!

Wood graphics look great as professional office signs. Many lawyers, accountants and other professional individuals choose the upscale presentation of wood letters. They tell customers that they are a serious firm, one that has history, and that will be around for years to come. Perhaps it is a psychological response, but wood infers stability.

The Wooden Sign Lettering Material

Wood Lettering Signs Wood is one of the last types of natural, porous materials being used. With synthetics making a very plausible substitute material for most products, it is nice to know that they are still being widely used as signs.

Wood letters are attractive and nice to touch. They are routed then sanded and finished; they bring to my mind happy moments of playing with wooden toys and rocking horses during childhood. The feel of a wooden toy is a soothing one, like sand through the fingers. The feel is a comforting one, and the visual impact of wood is also a mentally soothing one. It is truly amazing how such a tiny detail can make such a huge impact.

As time goes on, they retain their dignity and class. They may be varnished for a deep shine or they may be painted in bright clear colors, like painted blocks that children use in primary school. Their unmistakable attraction is hard to deny.


They can be small, large, convex or flat. These dimensional lettering can be done in block type or they can be carved in cursive text as well. They can be hung on a sign post if a proper background is created. They may be mounted onto a flat surface and surrounded by a frame type design to highlight the graphics even more. There are many approaches to sign design using them. Perhaps there are still more which haven’t been invented yet!


They are also durable. By using a moisture-resistant finish, natural humidity can be blocked out and they will be in good shape for years to come. This is one of the benefits of wood. They are qualitative and classy, AND they are protected from the rain, snow and mist of early morning dew.

Wood Display Applications

They can be a nice attractive look for your family business or even beautify your home. They look good mounted directly on the wall in block or fanciful semi-script styles. Another style you may not have thought of is to individually hang each of the letters on a pretty strand of ribbon and tie it in a bow, secured with a nail. The applications for wood are varied, and the finishing is also something that can be expanded upon.

Clear or dark wood varnish show the wood’s natural intonations and grain, which is very lovely to see. If you aren’t so excited about the natural color of wood and would like to liven things up with a fresh color, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from. They can be all one color or a combination of primary, secondary or pastels. The choice is yours.

When it comes to these wood signs, you really can’t go wrong. Mounted or hanging, for home or business, the look is universally appealing and the result is always the same – increased notoriety, long-lasting beauty and great value.

For custom sign making of wooden letters here: https://www.visigraph.com/signs-letters/


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