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How to Wrap a Car with a Vehicle Graphics Car Wrapping

Truck and car wrapping

Car Wrapping. Vehicle Graphics. Wrap a car with digital visuals. No matter how you say it, it is big business.

You see them all over the town and on the freeways and highways. This is a great way to avoid – so far – taxation on your advertising. If you put a sign on your business, the tax man will charge you for licensing that sign. But if you use it with your business name and what you do, you now have a moving graphic that will advertise your business all over town, kind of like a traveling billboard.

Materials and Procedures – Wrapping a Car with Vehicle Graphic Car Wraps

Truck and car wrapping If you’ve ever stuck a decal on your car, and tried to take it off a year later, it may have taken a long time to remove. So, now you’re looking at vehicle wraps, and you may wonder if it will take days to get that it back off. Relax – no worries if you want to design your vehicles with wraps.

Originally, 3M (as is usually the case) developed adhesives that would be applied to vinyl that would make it easy to wrap and unwrap a year or two later a cinch. Removable adhesives sound great, but will they blow off in the wind? Again, no need to worry about it if you hire a reputable company to do the wrapping for you. 3M, and now Avery-Dennison and other manufacturers have formulated these adhesives to wrap a car, stay on, and come off when you’re ready for the car wrapping to be pulled off.

One of the initial difficulties in is that a vehicle has compound curves (like a ball). To install, you’d print your vinyl materials on a digital printer, then you’d use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the vinyl in order to conform to the compound curves while installing. 3M, again, led the way with their Conform™ vinyl series, which combined the removable adhesives with vinyl that conformed to compound curves without distorting the graphics. Needless to say, it has been  much easier to wrap a car in 2011 that it was in 2001!

Of course, with car wrapping, the windows were initially the other challenge, and to fully wrap a car, you need to also wrap the windows (excepting the front windshield). I am not sure who developed perforated window vinyl initially, but you can see out of the perforated window car wrapping, but from the outside you can see graphics. These are also used extensively now on storefront windows as well. Essentially, there are just enough perforated holes in this material to see out from behind – it is also a dark gray when being viewed from the inside, so your eye will pick up the light and scenery outside – but the light hitting the outside printed side makes it so you can’t see through it from the outside.

Designs that look great when you have company do it for you

What is the procedure when you plan to install wraps? Cars have lots of doors and windows and you can’t just install with vinyl or you’d never get in. Obviously you have to make cuts for the doors and windows and hood and trunk and wheel wells, right? Professionals have this covered. We literally have disks full of car designs from GM and Ford to Toyota and Honda and everything surrounding. If you want your ad agency to create the car wrapping design, they will also normally have access to these files, so to do it, it’s all in a days work for designers.

Find out some cool designs of car wraps with outstanding full color digital prints.

Are you fond of wrapping your vehicle with car wraps? Tell us your car wrapping experience in the comment form below.


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