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Pull Everyone’s Interest With Magnetic Signs

Ribbon magnets

With magnetic signs, you will find that your display can move where you do. Because they have magnetic properties which stick onto the majority of metal surfaces, they can be transferred from location to location to serve a variety of advertising and promotional needs.

They are often used on the sides of pickup trucks, automobiles and trucks. They are thick and made from good quality material, easily removable and equally easily to put back on your vehicle. This is a good method of advertising for someone who uses their vehicle for business and for pleasure or personal use.

Although the majority of people find this type of advertising so convenient, it is good to note that a magnetic sign should be removed every few days to prevent the metal under the vehicle’s coat of paint from rusting as they will trap moisture under these signs.

A Few Known Applications of Magnetic Signs

advertising sign magnets Magnets can go just about everywhere. They can be placed on a large metal backdrop. They may also prove to be ideal signage for a mechanical workshop where many metal surfaces are present. If you need it at another location, just peel it off and take it with you. If you decide to display your magnetic decal at an offsite location like a trade show or a seminar, these types are designed to be easily portable.

Magnetic items can be made of just letters in cursive script, block letters or a combination of graphics and text. You can opt for a multi-colored design for an even greater impact. Important information to include on is owner name, ID# if advised, telephone, and website location. These features will advertise your services, inform your public of your existence and specializations, and best of all, go wherever you go.

Out in traffic, there may be close to a million fellow commuters on the highway. As you go to your workplace, go on work calls, do special errands or buy new equipment, your ad is doing its job. Even sitting stationary in the parking lot, someone is bound to read it and jot down your information for future reference. Maybe someone in that town is looking for a qualified plumber, sound tech, entertainer, wedding planner or the like but hasn’t been able to find one. By seeing your ad, being at the right place at the right time has definite advantages. Most people don’t think that things happen by coincidence.

Instead of digging through the yellow pages they would rather choose a provider who they happened upon in traffic, word of mouth, or by first impression. If they feel your car is reasonably presentable, then you are probably a good person to do business with. This is more information than they would get from a blind ad in the newspaper or Penny Saver-type ad sheet.

Use magnetic signs for advertising with the benefits of maximal flexibility, visibility, and functionality. These friendly little mediums of advertisement are usually but not always designed in a square shape that is no wider than a foot by foot dimensions.

Don’t Confuse Sign Magnets with Fridge Magnets

Temporary graphic magnets are not to be confused with refrigerator magnets, which have become popular spin-offs of the original magnetic displays. These are larger and more noticeable. These little ones have become greatly popular because they are small and cute, but still carry the message across.

A Little Tip When Investing in Magnetic Signs

When you invest in magnetic signs, be sure to use a company that stands behind their work and guarantees your satisfaction. If for some chance the signs that you order don’t fit your specifications or look strange, the company you commission should be able to fix it for you both willingly and cheerfully.

A reputation of customer satisfaction is essential in any business, but particularly when it’s a matter of a customized design. No one likes to pay for what they don’t want, and here is no exception. Be sure your print company has an excellent Better Business Bureau rating so you will know what to expect based on their past experience in dealing with the general public.


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