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Creative Applications for Metal Signs

Gamma Phi Betta Wall Lettering

Metal signs can be seen every day in almost every neighborhood.  Mostly made of aluminum or various other metallic elements, they are used for city parking, road, realtor , or business signs.

They may be placed on fences – like No Trespassing, Beware of Dog, Security Company X, and Private Property, to name a few. Yard signage advertising a builder, remodeler or even a fumigator may be placed in the front of the house where work is currently underway. Any long term project which may attract attention can be best utilized by posting sturdy, colorful and informative displays to advertise along the way, taking advantage of the curiosity of those passing by.

License plates on boats, motorcycles, trailers and automobiles are also made from metal.  Advertising businesses like “Sue’s Nursery” are a great way to let the public see what you are all about. Most particularly lend themselves to more basic professions, like a Hardware Store, Nursery, Auto Mechanic, Plumbing Service, and so on.

Metal Sign Features

Aluminum Office Metal Signage

Metal signs are given a moisture resistant protective finish to keep them fresh and rust or corrosion-resistant. With a special type of paint, they are decorated and sealed with a protective coat of paint that helps to withstand the sun’s harsh UV rays which may strip many signage of color.

They have been treated to postpone this process for as long as possible, using modern chemical technology to create a qualitative and longer lasting product.

They provide you with a multitude of creative applications. You can choose the colors and fonts that will be appealing and compatible for your needs. They are very effective at increasing customer recognition, helping you brand your product so that it is common knowledge.

Material for Sandwich Boards

These metallic displays are used to create Sandwich Boards. These A-Frame stand-along metal signs can be used for a myriad of options. They are great for indicating where to park, what section you are in, and how much you need to pay. They are used in front of restaurants to tell passers by what the daily special is, or to alert visitors to a local hangout which musician will be entertaining this evening. Because they are flexible, easy to set up and take down and economically priced, they have been a hit for nearly 100 year and remain a useful form of advertising.

That Other Great Feature

Another great feature of these items is their relative economy. If your business is situated in a highly trafficked area, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a custom parking sign for your valued clientele. Clearly stating that these parking places are for guests of Joe’s Bar and Grill only, with a 15 minute tow away time may get your point across better than if you were to shoo away violators while attempting to maintain order at your restaurant. These types truly work wonders. They appear very serious, as to say that they mean business. They are sturdy, long lasting and effective. Your message will be taken seriously, whatever the message is that you need to convey.

Thicker and Thinner Metal Material

They have the option of using thinner or thicker metal. The thicker metal is more durable and slightly more expensive, but overall, they cost a lot less than some alternative methods of signage available on the market. They may also use a nice painted text display, with or without a logo. You may choose reflective type made of reflective aluminum to reflect light from oncoming traffic headlights and to be more visible at night. They are a tried and true method of informing the public in a low cost, effective and long lasting way with a material that’s bound to last a long, long time.

Check out more about metal signs here -> https://www.visigraph.com/signs-letters/


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