How the Penguin Google Update Attacked My Blog

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What Happens When Your Site Gets Hit With Google’s Penguin/Panda Update

custom logo of google “Don’t be evil” – Original Google Motto

“Be really evil” – Apparent current Google Motto

While many of my friends gloated over Google’s massive plunge in market cap value last week, I was not among them. For our website, when Google instigated the Panda update, our site didn’t waver for a moment. Neither up or down.

Shifting in Website Traffic

Then in April we implemented some new SEO strategies and our site’s organic traffic took off, literally. In May we saw our traffic begin to double, then move toward tripling from the previous month, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a flock of Google Penguins descended on our site and put us into a free fall.

But still, I’m not really a fan of any company losing 20% of its market cap, even if that same company hurt our market reach. I actually agreed with Google’s strategy and business goals of helping companies like WalMart and Apple stay on top of the world while crushing Mom & Pop businesses like Microsoft and Yahoo! After all, doesn’t evolution teach survival of the fittest?

According to Perry Marshall

My friend and PPC (pay-per-click) mentor, Perry Marshall, who literally helped build the Google empire from the outside as a client and consultant to hundreds of thousands of internet marketers, waves a different banner…

“The dark side is, Google IS Big Brother. Make no mistake about it. Nameless, faceless people control the world’s information. Drones in India who make $5 an hour decide whether the business you invested $1 million building is legitimate or not. They kill you dead with impunity.”

Dave Chappelle, of, has his own labels he gives to Google…

Google has been killing businesses. Seemingly on purpose, the search advertising behemoth is wiping out businesses by closing AdWords accounts. Business owners who’ve been spending thousands more with Google AdWords one day receive a curt notification that their AdWords accounts have been suspended. No reason, no warning, simply cancelled without appeal.

So, what does this have to do with SEO? I started out with SEO and then I went over to PPC (pay-per-click). Whether we’re talking about SEO or PPC, the issue at hand is whether Google has a right to wag the dog, so to speak.

Not Hating on Google

As I said to start with, this is not about hating Google. But maybe it is about Google being a hater. But who is Google? Why are they doing what they’re doing to businesses. Why do they give $5 per hour employees in India the power to arbitrarily shut down websites and Adwords (PPC) campaigns?

Here is where one has to wonder – is Google incompetent or evil? I am not a subscriber to the philosophy that all major corporations are evil because they’re major, or that we should try to level the playing field or that there are corporations that are “too large to fail.” So to one degree or another, I believe in “survival of the fittest” when it comes to business.

So, when Google lost billions in market capital last week, it simply was a wake-up call to the Big G. Here is the message that, hopefully, the CEO and management heard…

”WAKE UP!!! You are not too large to fail, and if you continue to harass your clientele out of business, you will join them soon.”


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