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Tag: PVC banners

Locating a Source for PVC or Vinyl Outdoor Banners

Vinyl and PVC Indoor or Outdoor Banners: Sources for High or Low Quantities

Where is the best place to purchase vinyl outdoor or indoor banners? Of course, I will always tell you, “Right here,” but to be fair to your question, I will give you your available options, as well as the pros and cons of each option.

First off, all PVC banners are usable indoors or out-of-doors. Because they are so popular as an inexpensive, comparatively, advertising medium, there simply has never been a reason to make the interior displays, and because the volume of materials that are used is so great,

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Gluing a One-sided Banner to a Sheet of Plywood?

Is Gluing a Single Sided PVC Vinyl Banner to a Sheet of Plywood a Good Idea?

It Depends.

A customer called me the other day and asked what type of glue he could use to glue a one-sided vinyl banner to a sheet of plywood. While this sounds like a simple question, I like to review questions like this from several angles.

The first question I would ask is, “How long do you intend this to stay on the plywood?” I ask this question because there are adhesives that might work for a short period of time,

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Hemming Your Vinyl Banners – What is the Best Method?

Vinyl Banner Hemming – Should You Glue, Tape, Sew, or Heat Weld?

Question: How do you hem a printed vinyl banner if you don’t have a sewing machine to stitch the edges?

Answer: This is a good question, as many shops don’t have an industrial sewing machine to hem banners. However, glue is not the only way to hem banners, although it does not require machinery to hem your PVC banners with glue.

The way to use glue is first, of course, to get the right glue for vinyl banners. The way we did it when we glued hems for a short time was to lay the banner flat on a table,

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Removing Wrinkles from a PVC Vinyl Banner

How to Remove a Wrinkle from a Vinyl Banner –

Or, Better Alternatives to PVC Banners if You Need to Move the Banner from Location to Location

“I have a vinyl banner that one of my employees folded,” says Ron. “Is there any way to remove wrinkles from a PVC vinyl banner?”

The answer to this is usually yes. It will depend somewhat on the weight and quality of the vinyl banner material as well, as to how wrinkles may be removed.

The more “plasticizers” that are used in the manufacturing process of a vinyl banner,

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Printing on Vinyl and Polyester Cloth Banners

The Type of Plastic and Fabric Materials Printed on to Make Banner Displays

Question: What type of plastic are banners printed on?

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is still one of the most popular materials to print banners with. There are other plastics as well, although one is a fabric type of plastic, but comes from petroleum as well.

Polyvinyl Choloride

PVC is a petroleum-based plastic, as they all are, that has had “plasticizers” added to create the soft, roll-able material that many printers, screen, digital, and other printers have used for the past three decades.

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Why Fabric Banners Look Better on Banner Stands than Vinyl

Using Fabric Instead of Vinyl on Banner Stands, & How to Remove Wrinkles from Cloth Banners

Question: Why are fabric graphics, rather than vinyl graphics, used for most premium banner stands?

Generally speaking, fabric is lighter and lays better than vinyl, or PVC banners. Hence, it rolls better inside a pop up banner stand or roll up banner stand and it doesn’t tend to get permanent wrinkles like vinyl will.

There are other materials available for roll up banners as well that are decent quality such as polyethylene and plasticized papers, but when it comes to the premium stands that companies who want the best graphics for a tradeshow they’re attending,

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Dye Sublimation Vs. Screen Printing of Fabric and Vinyl Banners

Screen Printing Polyvinyl and Fabric Items Versus Dye Sublimation Printing Cloth Fabric Banners

Question: What types of materials are banners made of?

This is a good question and is quite simple on the surface, although there are many variations within each category.

The two main categories of banner materials: vinyl (PVC) and fabric or cloth banners. That’s the easy answer.

However, it is helpful to know the variations within each category, so I’ll start with the vinyl banner category first, as it’s simpler, I think.

Vinyl Banners

First off,

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Fabric – Vinyl Wall Banners and Retractable Roll-up Displays

Banners as Wall Displays, & Narrow Vs. Wide Base Retractable Roll-up  Fabric/Vinyl Banner Stands

Question: What is the difference between the banner used on a wall or one used for a Banner Stand?

All banners that can be used in a stand can also be used as a wall banner, although you may want a larger banner if it’s on a wall. The main types of material that can be used in a banner stand are dye sublimate printed cloth banners and DSG-type banners.

Banner Printing Methods

Dye sublimation printed fabric banners are usually a polyester or other synthetic fabric that are printed using either a CMYO print to a transfer paper,

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How You Can Benefit With the Installation of Vinyl Banners

Quality Features of PVC Banner Print Displays for Optimal Usage

Vinyl banners are ideal for just about any sign message that you have to convey. It could be as simple as a birthday greeting for a child or a loved one. Other personal greetings are equally fitting for a customized personal polyvinyl displays. A wedding, graduation and anniversary banner can all be tastefully produced, dressed up and presented to your loved one’s delight and satisfaction. These types of greetings are very well received because they also serve as a souvenir long after the joyous occasion has passed.

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