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Tag: retractable banners

Roll-up Pull-up Retractable Banner Stands – Uses and Locations

Wholesale retractable banners

Where to buy retractable banners at a discounted price for bulk orders? Also, where do you use roll-up banners?

Question: I am a graphics broker – or as some would say, a “middle-man” – and would like to know where to find wholesale or discounted pricing on retractable banner stands – also known as roll-up banner stands or pull-up banner stands?

There are a lot of wholesale companies in the US, Canada, and Europe that sell to brokers. We’ve found that most of them are too over-priced for us to be able to add a mark-up and still remain competitive.

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How to Design a Dye Sub Roll-up, Pull-Up, Retractable Banner Stand

custom roll-up banners

The best practices when it comes to designing a retractable, pull-up, or roll-up dye sublimation printed fabric banner stand that sells.

Question: How much copy or how many letters can be printed on a pull-up or roll up banner?

Retractable banners, also known as roll-up and pull-up banner stands, average a floor model size (non-table top models which are shorter) is around 32 inches in width and 78 to 83 inches in height. Mind you, this is an average, and there are all manner of sizes available today as well as the ability to make custom retractable banner stands,

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Pull Up, Roll Up, or Retractable Banners – What Materials are Used to Make Them?

Pull up banner stands

The materials that are used in making retractable, roll up, or pull up banners.

Question: What are pull up, roll up, or retractable banner stands and banners made from – what materials, that is?

Depending on the banner stand, the exterior shell is usually aluminum or plastic (cheaper models will be plastic), the end caps are most often plastic, but some are aluminum, and the internal hardware is usually steel with plastic parts as well.

As far as the graphics, there are four main options.

Dye Sublimated Fabric Banners

The best quality in our view would be cloth fabric graphics,

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Retractable, Pull Up, and Roll Up Banners – What’s the Difference?

Custom roll up banner stands

Information you may want to know about roll-up, pull-up, and retractable banners with different substrates including fabric, paper, vinyl, and polypro materials.

In the last post I talked about the evolution of how and where to buy fabric or vinyl banner signs, particularly in the realm of color printing, and how we’ve gone from the sign shop as the middle man to the internet more or less cutting out the middle man, for better or for worse, and how to combat the “worse” part of this equation.

Other questions have also come in regarding cost of various items,

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Where to Buy Retractable Banners or Advertising Display Banners

Pull Up Banner Stands

This is how to know where to purchase display advertising banners, as well as retractable banners for a cheap wholesale price.

We are asked, periodically, where to purchase dye sublimation printed fabric display banners, roll up banners, retractable banners, pull up banners, advertising banners, display banners, or vinyl banners.

Why Printed Banners Were Expensive

In the not-too-distant past, these items found mostly in the realm of your local sign company, who, lacking equipment to print full color banners, decals, or other signage, would go to their wholesale sources and “special order” these items for  you.

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Retractable Floor Banner Vs. Table Top Fabric Banner Stand

roll up fabric banners

When it comes to advertising and marketing, which one should you use, retractable floor banner stand or table top roll up fabric banner?

Question: We’re debating in the marketing department at our firm whether to use a retractable floor banner stand or a table top roll up fabric banner stand – which do you think we should use?

This question is really one of preference, and it is my opinion that the message is more important than the medium, and also will depend somewhat on other graphics and advertising you have in your trade show booth as well as the size of the booth.

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Pull Up or Roll Up Banner Sizes – Plus, RGB vs CMYK Printing

Roll Up Banners

The different sizes of pull up or roll up banners. The file types for to save your designs for banner printing. And, CMYK versus RGB Color Spectrum.

Question:  In today’s mailbag, Jan asks, “I need to order some pull up or roll up banners. What sizes are available and what advice you could give me for the print file design and file type?”

Thanks for your question, Jan. There are several sizes available, from table top roll up banners to very large back wall retractable banners. Horizontal sizes range from 22 inches to 60 inches to heights of 36 inches to over 10 feet.

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Fabric – Vinyl Wall Banners and Retractable Roll-up Displays

large format banners

Banners used on walls versus those displayed on stands, narrow-based versus wide-based retractable banner stands, and the materials used to make retractable banners.

Question: What is the difference between the banner used on a wall or one used for a Banner Stand?

All banners that can be used in a stand can also be used as a wall banner, although you may want a larger banner if it’s on a wall. The main types of material that can be used in a banner stand are dye sublimate printed cloth banners and DSG-type banners.

Banner Printing Methods

Dye sublimation printed fabric banners are usually a polyester or other synthetic fabric that are printed using either a CMYO print to a transfer paper,

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