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Where to Buy Retractable Banners or Advertising Display Banners


Where to Purchase Display Advertising Banners and Retractable Banners for a Cheap Price Wholesale

We are asked, periodically, where to purchase dye sublimation printed fabric display banners, roll up banners, retractable banners, pull up banners, advertising banners, display banners, or vinyl banners.

Pull Up advertising Banner

In the not-too-distant past, these items found mostly in the realm of your local sign company, who, lacking equipment to print full color banners, decals, or other signage, would go to their wholesale sources and “special order” these items for  you. This created higher prices than you are paying today, believe it or not, even with inflation. You also needed to buy in large quantities or the costs were unaffordable for most small companies.

Digitalp became popular in the ‘90’s, and those shops that could afford one – or the payments on one – a digital printer often did, and the revolution in the banner, sign, and sticker industry began. One-off full color banners, signs, large format decal, and posters, while still high priced, started to move toward affordable to smaller businesses who wanted the advantage of low quantity color prints in their indoor and outdoor advertising banners, window graphics, floor graphics, or signs.

Window decals printed for large store front windows began to pop up all over town, advertising specials or new products or new services without the pain of having to hang banners high on a wall. Perforated window graphics made it so you could see out the window from the inside or read the advertisement from the outside, all while circumventing the sign police (city regulators).

In 2002, Google launched its paid advertising program known as Adwords (the common term quickly became PPC, or “pay per click”), and suddenly the products that were the domain of sign shop locally became available nationally at prices that were lower than most of the local sign shops. A new breed of sign shop was born, one that catered to a growing online market – one which is still growing, by the way.

So now, things that were available at a sign shop with several layers of vendors or wholesalers in between cut out one or more layers of markups, and those who printed and shipped direct often won the battle of the lowest pricing, for better or for worse. Supply houses that were almost solely based online became the norm in the 21st century.

This has been a boon for smaller retail stores that have one or a few locations. They are now able to purchase attractive point-of-sale posters, advertising display banners in vinyl, or more recently, dye sub printed cloth fabric banners at reasonable prices. The disadvantage is that if the online company is less than honest, and there are those, you have virtually no recourse.

However, the good news is that the world has also become a smaller place with available information about companies who are less than stellar when it comes to customer services. There are many consumer monitoring websites that will come up if you Google the company name you’re looking to deal with. If nothing negative comes up on these watchdog sites, or if the complaint is spurious (the customer is NOT always right in the 21st century, although the way an online store deals with it may tell you a bit about the company), and the company has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (which is not a perfect source of info and why I advise you to Google the company name to see if they come up negative elsewhere), then in all likelihood you’ll have a good buying experience purchasing retractable banners or display banners online.

I love shopping online. About half of what I purchase personally and for my business I purchase online. I don’t even have to leave my desk except to pick it up in the front office and take it into my office or home with me. I don’t have to fight traffic, weather, or other hazards of driving around town, which saves me stress and money at the same time. So online shopping is here to stay, I believe, but do yourself a favor when shopping for a company you’re unfamiliar with and do a little research. It can save you a major headache, and likely a bit of money too.

For more about retractable banners or advertising displays, click this. If you are interested to get a quote, click  on the button below.


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Barry K. Brown

Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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