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How Dating A Woman Is Similar To Marketing a Trade Show Booth

Trade Fair

Some insights on how you should market and advertise your business with trade show display graphics.

Question: Our marketing director read that we shouldn’t show all our product features in our advertising, or advertise all the services we offer. Do you have any insight on this?

Well, this is a bit off topic, but let me try to bring it into perspective with the type of advertising that is in our line of expertise by going even further off topic to illustrate the point that your director read about not showing all and telling all.

Dating between a man and a womanWhen I was dating many moons ago, my ADHD brain was never comfortable with silence. So, on a first date, I would talk, talk, and talk some more. I was never very political either, so I stated my mind, and shared personal hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and by the end of the date, there was no mystery about who I was or what I believed, or at least it would have appeared that way to most of the young ladies I went out with.

I had no problem getting a date. I was a good-looking guy, according to the girls who I knew, and had a great smile and was very friendly and affable, but by the time I met my beautiful wife of 21+ years, I was nearly 30 years of age and was ready to settle down with life.

What the Problem Was

The problem was, as I look back now, there was no mystery, no wanting to know more about Barry. He’d told all. Now of course, this was not true, but it was the perception of the young ladies I’d dated that it was.

Had I learned everything I could about them, spent my time asking questions about them and what they liked and the family they grew up in and just focused on them for the evening, at the end of the evening, they would realize that while it had been a very enjoyable evening, but that they didn’t know as much about me as they would like to.

Now, I agree that some of this is hypothetical armchair quarterbacking nearly a quarter century later, but I’m not even sure I would do any better today, because I still have an ADHD brain that when it hears a word, wants to chatter about that word. And if I do say so myself, I am a VERY interesting person!

How Dating Relates to Marketing and Advertising

So, how does this relate to marketing and advertising, you’re wondering. That’s the beauty of the ADHD mind. It’s also the pain of it. We ask questions and think outside of the box, so that there is nothing sacred that cannot be questioned or cross- or reverse-engineered in or out of any industry or service. But I digress.

business marketing and business advertisingWhen you launch an ad campaign, like my dating “campaign,” is it good to vomit everything you sell and do onto an ad? You’ve seen them before. Copy, copy, copy, and more copy. This may work for a long form sales letter (although I never have patience to read them – I skim through the top and bottom paragraphs and find out how much it costs if it looks interesting.

So, unlike my dating “strategy,” leaving a little mystery in your advertising can be a good thing. You want to pique your readers interest and curiosity, so a good headline with some sort of hook is a good start. “3 Things That Are Ruining Your Sales Approach,” or “How To Double Your Workforce Output In 30 Days” would be examples of headlines with good hooks. They make the reader want to keep going to see what you have to say.

Next, your ad copy. You may want to put down your most important services or products and a small blurb about them that will get the reader to take action. You may want to give an incentive to take action, like a coupon or a discount on a service, or if you are selling a subscription service or the like, giving the first month free, etc.

Applying What You Know in Trade Show Marketing

Now, to bring this fully on topic, let’s say you’re going to a trade show and you want to know how to display your product or services. Don’t lay out your entire hand at the show. Make people want to know more. Use proven headlines on your booth.

Have brochures that will give a few salient points, but make it your goal to get people on the phone with your best sales people, or in person, if that is how your company’s model. But retain some mystery to start with. You’ll do better with your “dates” than I did.

More about custom trade displays and graphics at whole pricing here: https://www.visigraph.com/tradeshow-displays/


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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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