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Month: October 2013

The Best Way To Organize Your Trade Show Exhibit

Where to Place Your Your Trade Show Booth for Maximum Exposure

Question: Are there any guidelines as to where we place our trade show exhibit graphics?

There are a couple basic “rules” that we advise our clients on. Well, not really rules, but a backwall graphic will typically go at the back of the booth, so I guess you could violate that “rule” if you want to, but it isn’t too likely you’ll get any visitors because it’ll be blocking the entrance to the booth!

Our advice is to use some type of sign on the edge of the aisles inviting people to come into your booth for a drawing or something free.

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Why You Should Use Bold Colors On Your Trade Show Booth Display

Different Color lettering on red background

The effect of color in terms of getting your message out to your potential and target customers.

Question: Are their colors that I should or shouldn’t use on a trade show booth or the supporting graphics like banners stands or table runners?

I’m going to give you my opinion, as it is gained by observation of signs and graphics for over 20 years.Disclaimer: There is no scientific evidence backing up my conclusions unless coincidentally agreeing with me.

Your Message will Always be the Medium

First and foremost, the message is and will always be the medium.

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Sales and Marketing Approach to a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

trade show exhibit

Marketing and advertising in trade show conventions can cost a lot of bucks considering the price tags of the printed graphics and displays in today’s time. This is how you can make an impact in trade show conventions, making that investment worth its money.

Question: I am the marketing director for a small but fast-growing company. We’d like to attend some trade shows to expand our visibility, but we don’t want to put the cart before the horse and have no return-on-investment going to an expensive trade show, especially with the cost of trade show booth graphics and displays.

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What to Use for the Trade Show – Panel System or Pop Up Display

Trade show booth graphic for vehicles

Understanding what Panel System and Pop Up Displays are, and which one is best suitable for a Trade Show event.

Question: We’re gearing up for a trade show after the first of the year, and are trying to decide whether to use a panel system or a pop up display. What is your advice?

If you’re going to be attending several trade shows a year, and you want to vary your photos with each show, the panel system might be a good way to go. However, in our opinion, it is not the most attractive option when it comes to trade show booths and displays.

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What Trade Show Booth Exhibit Suits Your Company’s Needs

Trade show Booth for Cars

This is how you present your trade show booth display which can best represent your business.

Question: We’re starting to plan for an upcoming trade show after the first of the year and were wondering if you could help us decide what type of trade show booth/exhibit will be best suited to our requirements?

Absolutely we can help you with that. We’d need you to answer some basic questions to help us know where you’re at and what you intend to accomplish; i.e., what are your goals at this trade show?

What To Do Before Buying a Trade Show Display

Before launching into the type of trade show display you need,

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The Type of Trade Show Booth to Design That Fits Your Company

Serpentine Trade Show Booth

Don’t make this mistake if you are to market your products or services at a Trade Show convention.

Question: What type of trade show booth or exhibit would you recommend to fit our company’s needs?

The answer to your question will depend a lot on what your goals are. Do you use trade shows to boost retail sales? There are certain companies that rely on trades shows, fairs, conventions, etc., to make most of their sales. This type of company usually sells a retail item such as cookware or women’s make-up that is not available in retail outlets,

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Are Trade Show Events Worth Attending for those in the Business?

Trade Fair

How valuable are trade show exhibits for companies marketing their products and services?

Question: We’re trying to determine if trade shows are worth attending as an exhibitor. Can you give our company any input?

Obviously, if you’ve never attended a trade show as an exhibitor with your company, it can only be determined by attending one. My experience, though, has been that if done the right way, they can be immensely profitable over the long haul.

My Trade Show Experience with a Company

I can also tell you that a company that I worked for over a decade ago,

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Should You BUY or RENT a Trade Show Booth?

Eye Services Trade Show Display

Which is a better choice, to buy or rent a trade show booth display for trade show exhibits?

Question: We were wondering if it is better to purchase a trade show booth exhibit or if we should rent one instead?

We would ask, in response to your question, “What is your objective?” Or maybe “What is your long term objective?” Are you planning to use this one time? Is this an experiment?

If you’ve never exhibited at a trade show in the past, but you’d like to give it a whirl, then maybe you’ll want to try a less expensive route by purchasing graphics only for a booth,

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What to Look For in a Trade Show Display

Backwall trade graphic display

What to consider when you intend to buy trade show graphic designs and displays.

Question: Our company is looking to purchase a trade show booth – what should we look for in a trade show display?

Great question! There are literally thousands of options when you start to look for a trade show display and all the accompanying displays and materials. Our first question to you would be – what is the booth size and location you have chosen?

Hypothetically, let’s say you have a fairly sizeable budget for this upcoming trade show or convention,

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Why You Should or Should Not Purchase a Trade Show Display

Custom Tradeshow Booth

One reason why you might not want to get trade show displays, and two Reasons why you should get them.

Question: Why should I purchase a trade show display?

I don’t know specifically what you’re asking here, but let me give you some reasons why should, and maybe some reasons why you shouldn’t.

Let me start with a reason you shouldn’t. This may or may not apply to you and your firm, but if it is the case, I’d say, “don’t buy one, at least not now.”

First, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Get One

Have you spent time researching your market?

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