What to Look For in a Trade Show Display

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What to Consider When Buying Trade Show Graphic Designs and Displays

Question: Our company is looking to purchase a trade show booth – what should we look for in a trade show display?

Answer: Great question! There are literally thousands of options when you start to look for a trade show display and all the accompanying displays and materials. Our first question to you would be – what is the booth size and location you have chosen?

Hypothetically, let’s say you have a fairly sizeable budget for this upcoming trade show or convention, and you’ve already reserved a large corner booth near the main entrance. First off, your location is excellent, as show goers will be fresh as they enter the convention center, so you have a great advantage.

Secondly, you have also chose a corner booth, so you will have a lot of visibility from multiple directions, so you’ll definitely want to capitalize on your space by making sure that your company logo and slogans are readily visible from multiple angles.

Because of the size of your booth, you have a lot of territory to work with, which means that you can maximize exposure through use of banner stands along the aisle in front of your booth. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re not encroaching into the walk ways, but you have a large space, so you should be OK on that count.

For your main display graphics, you’ll want to choose between backdrop style displays or a truss style display. The truss style display might look like this –

Truss style Trade Show displays

Or a back/side wall display might look like this –

Back wall trade graphic display

The truss style display will likely be more costly on the front end, but of course it can be reused with or without new graphics with each trade show you choose to exhibit at. The costs can range, for a 20’ x 20’ booth, from $10k to $50K and upwards, depending on how fancy you want to go and what your company’s budget is.

Roll up banners, also known as retractable banners, are a great way to advertise your product and/or service along the aisles where show attendees are passing by (and hopefully stopping in to) your booth. Other types of banners stands include X banner stands or similar non-retractable type banner stands. Some of these are available in double-sided stands which can reach out to traffic coming or going.

Inside the booth, if you have exhibit tables, table runners are a great way to showcase your company and products and/or services as well. Table top displays include smaller retractable banners stands or easel stands or T-stands. We recommend dye sublimation printed fabric graphics for any of these displays, including your backwall or truss booth displays because of the professional look represented by these top drawer display materials.

Why do you need to go “top drawer” with your graphics? Aren’t they more expensive? The answer is “possibly.” But if show goers see shoddy materials on your display, where it is obvious you went cheap on your graphics, subconsciously they may also think, “Cheap graphics, poor product or service quality. Of course, you could have lousy service and products and expensive graphics, but most firms that are able to pony up the kind of cash it takes to put together a Class A display are probably not the type of companies that will have cheap products and/or lousy service, so this is probably not an issue with your firm.

Finally, there are also multimedia displays and brochure displays that you can procure as well to round out your trade show booth. If you are displaying your products for sale at the show, then you’ll likely want to add retail display shelving showing off your wares as well. In reality, anything you need to set up a great trade show display and booth are available, so if you know what you’re looking for, you should be able to locate it easily with a good trade show display provider.


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