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Month: November 2013

Suggestions for Exhibiting Your Business at Trade Show Events

Trade Show Exhibits: Useful Suggestions You Can Apply When Advertising Your Business

Question: Aside from your recommendation that we use dye sublimation printed fabric banners for our graphics and trade show booth, do you have any other suggestions for our company’s first ever trade show exhibition?

Answer: Do I ever! Gorgeous graphics are great, but they will not make a successful trade show. I know that’s probably not the news you wanted to hear, but it’s true. There are some pre-show items you should address before attending any trade show or exhibition.

I know you’re dying to hear what those things might be,

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How Long do Dye Sublimated Fabric Trade Show Displays Last

How Durable are Fabric Trade Show Graphics Printed Through Dye Sublimation

Question: We are purchasing a fabric dye sub trade show display, and would like to know how long it will last for our company?

Answer: There are a lot of factors one should consider in how long a trade show booth will last, but the biggest one is what I’ll address first, and that is the proper care and feeding of a trade show booth.

The materials that most booths are constructed from this decade (and even last decade for the most part),

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Methods for Installing & Setting Up Dye Sublimation Fabric Displays

The Methods Used for Installing Dye Sublimated Fabric Graphics onto Display Frames

Question:  What are the methods that are used to attach dye sublimation printed fabric banners or mural graphics to a trade show display frame?

Answer:  There are several ways that printed fabric banners are attached to trade show display frames; I’ll list them below.

One method is the pullover method where the dye sub fabric graphic is pulled over top of the frame like a sock. It is sewn together on the top, and sometimes will have another rectangle of fabric added on the top if it is going over a frame with a rectangular foot print.

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Keeping Wall Decals Stuck to the wall and Washing Clothes with Stickers

How to Keep Wall Decals From Tearing Off and Washing Clothing with Decal Stickers On

Question: I purchased a large wall decal for my door, and it keeps peeling off. It seems like it’s sticky enough when I press it on, but when I come back a couple hours later, it’s starting to fall back of the door. How can I make this sticker stay on the door?!

Answer: The last question I answered had a similar complaint, and I told her that without knowing the type of plastic or the type of adhesive that was used on the sticker she bought,

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Removing Residual Glue from Stickers – Keeping Decals Sticky

How to Remove Residual Glue On Car From Stickers and how to Keep Decals Stick on Cellphones

Question: I purchased a “new” car from a local auto dealer who had put a reflective vinyl dealer decal on the rear of the vehicle. I don’t like stickers on my car, so I carefully peeled it off, but it left a ton of glue on the paint. What can I use to get the glue off…it is really a tough glue, and I obviously don’t want to damage the paint on my new car.

Answer: This is one of the most common complaints we receive when it comes to adhesive stickers,

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Background/Foreground Contrast of Window Stickers, Plus Decals for Brushed Metals

Contrast of Background-Foreground Graphic Colors of Car Sticker for Windows, and Will Decals Stick to Brushed Metal?

Question: I’m designing a simple two color sticker or decal for car windows, and wanted to know which you would recommend – A) light copy on a dark background, or B) dark copy on a light background?

Answer: This is a great question, and one I can demonstrate visually which one works best. To start with, though, I’ll tell you what we’ve advised our clients for over twenty years on this very subject.

Drive down a busy street in the town or city where you live and glance at various signs that line the streets.

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Getting Rid Of Air Bubbles Under Vinyl Window Stickers & Decals

Pickup truck window decal

This is how to remove trapped air bubbles underneath a car windshield  or window sticker and Decal.

Question: I stuck a decal to the inside of the window of my business, and it has lots of little bubbles underneath the sticker. What can I do to get rid of the bubbles?

Well, there are a couple of questions I have. Is it a face adhesive decal or a face-adhering static cling sticker? There will be different answers for each of these items.

1. For static clings stickers, remove it with soapy water.

If it is a static cling sticker,

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How To Make A Trade Show Graphic Display That Stands Out

trade show booths

This is the one important thing you must do to have a successful trade show booth display.

Question: When I’m having a designer create designs for our trade show display and supporting graphics, what are some options that you could suggest to help us stand out at a trade show?

Aside from obvious answers such as using a fresh, bold approach to your colors and booth design, there are less obvious answers that will not only make your booth stand out design and color-wise, but create a successful exhibition every time.

There is a powerful truth the saying “the medium is the message” when it comes to your choice of graphics.

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What to Include in Your Plan When Buying a Trade Show Display

trade show booth design

You are probably reading this to get more information about getting your own trade show booth display. But, are you really ready to purchase your own booth and its printed graphics?

Question: I know it’s important to choose a good quality trade show display, but is there anything else I should plan on as we plan to purchase the trade show booth?

Of course, you’ll need literature stands, display racks or cabinets if you’re a retailer or product distributor or manufacturer, depending on the type of show you’re attending. Tables with table runners are also popular with some exhibitors depending on their product or service.

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What Is DTG Printing? Is It Right For Your Company?

DTG Printing

This is what you need to learn about direct-to-garment or DTG printing.

Question: What is DTG Printing?

DTG is an acronym for Direct to Garment printing. Other terms for this include, but are not limited to, digital direct to garment printing, inkjet to garment printing, and digital apparel printing.

The Process of Direct to Garment Printing

The DTG printing process  involves printing directly to textiles or clothing with a modified inkjet printer that is specifically designed to print garments. It requires a specialized platen and inks that are formulated specifically for cloth textile printing.

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