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Removing Residual Glue from Stickers – Keeping Decals Sticky

How to Remove Residual Glue On Car From Stickers and how to Keep Decals Stick on Cellphones

Question: I purchased a “new” car from a local auto dealer who had put a reflective vinyl dealer decal on the rear of the vehicle. I don’t like stickers on my car, so I carefully peeled it off, but it left a ton of glue on the paint. What can I use to get the glue off…it is really a tough glue, and I obviously don’t want to damage the paint on my new car.

automobile dealership decals

Answer: This is one of the most common complaints we receive when it comes to adhesive stickers, and one I’ve written about in the past, but it deserves another visit because it happens frequently and can be an annoyance. The good news is that it is not difficult to fix, and your paint will be in good shape when you’re done.

Even temporary adhesive stickers that have been on a vehicle or window over time will leave a perimeter glue residue on paint or glass, and because the glue also attracts dirt when it’s exposed, what you’re seeing is the glue plus the dirt it’s attracted to itself over the period of time it’s been affixed to the surface it was stuck to.

As I said to start with, it’s a very simple solution, and one that is solvable by visiting your local hardware store. At the hardware store, simply ask for “orange peel” glue remover. This glue remover is harmless to paint and clear coating on a vehicle, although, as with any solvent, we’d urge you to try it on an area that is out of view, like under the hood or trunk, just to be on the safe side. I don’t want you coming back to me saying, “the paint on my luxury automobile was ruined due to bad advice from you!

If you are further interested in finding more auto dealer stickers and decals, visit here: https://www.visigraph.com/custom-decals-stickers-magnets-and-labels/car-dealer-stickers-decals/

Question: I ordered a Marilyn Monroe decal sticker for my phone and it came in the mail today. It looks great, but after a couple hours it started to peel away from my phone. Is there any way to get it to stick?

phone decals mobile sticker cellphone graphicsAnswer: The short answer is “I don’t know.” The reason I can’t definitively tell you whether you can get it to stick to the phone is three-fold. First, I don’t know what type of plastic your phone or phone cover is made from. Certain types of plastics require special adhesives to enable a sticker to stick to that type of plastic. Polypropylene is a good example of a plastic that can be difficult to marry a decal to, due, I suppose, to the chemical make up of that particular plastic.

The second issue is the adhesive, which I alluded to in the previous paragraph. Most adhesives are acrylic-based, and stick well to most things, but not too well to some others, such as polypropylene. There are, of course, aggressive adhesives available, but you’re probably never going to find them used with off-the-shelf stickers like what you purchased.

Thirdly, you may be able to purchase a spray adhesive that will stick your decal to your phone, but I’m not terribly optimistic here, but it could be worth a try, depending on how much you really want your Marilyn Monroe sticker to be on your phone. Be prepared to pay $10 to $15 for a can of spray, though, at your local art supply. Personally, I’d probably ditch the idea, but that’s up to you and your personal budget.


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