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Fabric Banners for Art Reproduction and Sporting Events


Fabric Banners  – Dye Sublimation Printing of Photographic Art – plus – Printing for Sports Events

Question: I am an artist and a photographer, and was wondering if I can order pictures or art reproductions on fabric?

Answer: The only limit to printing on fabric is your imagination. Dye sublimation printing on fabrics is not only available, it is the best way to reproduce your pictures due to the dye sublimation printing process itself.

Photographic printing on cloth fabricIn dye sub printing, first the dye, which is similar to inkjet printing, but uses a CMYO process (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Overprint Clear) rather than the standard 4-color process CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black), is printed to a dye sublimation transfer paper, a paper that is treated to accept CMYO dyes.

Next, the transfer paper is place on the fabric, and together they are slowly fed through heated rollers. Here is where this process is magic. As the cloth material and paper go through the heated rollers at around 400°F, the ink on the transfer paper is converted into a gaseous state. Simultaneously, the pores in the polyester or other petro-based fabric open to allow the gas to penetrate the cellular structure of the cloth, and as the fabric cools on the back end of the rollers, the fabric is infused with a gorgeous continuous tone print, similar to photo reproduction done on photo paper.

If your file resolution is high enough, you can create very large photographic or art reproductions, as dye sublimation printers can go up to around 124 inches in width, and of course, much longer than that with the rolls of fabric.

I personally think that dye sublimation printing will give you the purest reproduction of your artwork and photography of any reproduction method currently available. There are also fabrics that appear to be painted that can be printed digitally as well, but I still think this method will give you the most photographic reproduction of any available printing method in the 21st century so far.

Question: How would I make a fabric banner for a sporting event?

Answer: There are a couple of ways this can be done, I suppose, without having a dye sublimation printed fabric banner created, which would be my first advice.

fabric cloth banners for sporting events

If you have lots of time and mad sewing skills, you could, in theory, create a appliquéd banner, where you would cut out letters and logos and maybe something else and, like a quilt, sew the appliqués to your base fabric.

Or you could, possibly, get some fabric paint and paint a banner, though I think that would be pretty amateur looking. However, if that’s what you want and you don’t care much how it looks, or if you are an artist with experience painting on fabric, then by all means, this is likely not a terribly expensive way to create a fabric banner.

Of course, my best advice is to have a print shop that specializes in dye sub fabric printing print a really professional-looking banner for your sporting event, but as I don’t know your budget, that’s just my best advice, not necessarily my cheapest advice.

For more about art and photographic printing on cloth banners, check here: https://www.visigraph.com/fabric-vinyl-cloth-banners/dye-sublimation-polyester-fabric-cloth-banner/


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