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Dye Sub Printing File Resolution & Trade Show Exhibition Questions


File Resolution for Dye Sublimation Banner Printing and some Questions Answered Regarding Exhibiting in Trade Show Events

Question: For dye sub banner printing, what resolution do you need our files to be at?

Answer: Most files will print clearly full sized at 100dpi, or half-sized at 200dpi. In the dye sublimation printing process, because through heat and pressure the printing dye is converted to a gaseous state, a lower resolution file will yield a gorgeous print compared to the same dpi with digital inkjet printing. The result is similar to developing photographs from film or digital files.

Question: We’re going to exhibit at a trade show next month. Do we need to use the employees at the convention center to set up our pop up display?

Answer: That is a question you will need to ask the particular convention center you’re going to be at. I know that many of these venues have their own set of rules and are run by unions that require you to use their services, but you’ll definitely want to check with the management of the convention center you’re headed to for specific information and requirements regarding set up and tear down.

Question: The convention center we’re exhibiting at in two months is requiring that we have fire retardant fabrics for our trade show display graphics which we’re planning to be dye sublimation printed polyester fabric. Are your fabric banners flame retardant, and do you have the certification for them?

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Answer: We are able to provide both certified and non-certified fire retardant polyester fabric banners, depending on the requirements of the facility you’re exhibiting at. This is becoming a hot topic (no pun intended) and more and more facilities are requiring this certification although, in my opinion, it is a way to get you to spend more money for very little real reduction in fire risk in real life usage.

The facts are that if you hold a lighter up to a flame retardant banner, it is not supposed to light on fire, whereas a non fire retardant banner is flammable and would likely catch fire. I don’t believe, on the whole, that this is a likely scenario, but due to the litigious nature of our country in the 21st century, if something is possible (although not very probable), there are regulators who will add regulations such as fire retardant certification of fabric graphics.

Having thus stated my opinion on this subject, now I will again reiterate that we do have the fabric and the certification available, though it is a bit costlier with the fire retardant than without it.

Question: I know for an upcoming trade show that we’ll need a good quality trade show pop up booth and back wall, but what else do you recommend for our booth?

X-Banner stands

Answer: There are lots of things that you can add to your booth, although the size of your booth and your budget will be your most limiting factors. In addition, the type of promotions you’re engaging in will determine the types of additional features you could and should add to your exhibition.

For starters, though, generically regardless of what you’re selling, I’d recommend some attractive banner stands on the aisle side of your display with your best “hooks” (verbiage that will attract show goers such as “Free Box of Swiss Chocolate Cremes if You Sign Up for a Free Estimate”) to get potential clients to visit your booth. If you’re selling a service such as network administration, you may need literature racks or an attractive table top display with brochures and a readily available sales rep to answer any questions visitors might have.

If you’re selling products at the show, such as phones or MP3 players, you may also want to add some attractive merchandising shelving or display cases. Many companies also sell or rent multi-media displays with flat screen televisions and looping sales videos for those show goers who prefer to watch a video than talk to a potentially annoying sales associate.

There are other items, of course, that you can add, but this should cover the bulk of the items that might be needed for most shows. Good luck at the show!

For more about dye sublimated fabric graphics you can make use as trade show displays, check here.


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