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Durability and Cleaning Dye Sublimation Outdoor Fabric Banners

Outdoor Banners with stands

In this article, you will know about outdoor dye sublimated fabric displays, how to wash them, and will they be able to withstand weather conditions.

Question:  How do you clean dye sublimation fabric graphics?

fabric banner with stand Most dye sublimation fabrics are made with polyester fabrics, and with the dye sub printing process, the color becomes embedded in the fabric, so fading is not a problem unless it is done too often.

Manual and Automatic Washing

If your graphics are not too big to fit in your washing machine, it is no problem at all to wash them there. However, if they are too large to fit in your washer, you may have to find another way to wash the banner, whether by hand in a large tub, or while hanging up with a soapy brush and a water hose. Or anything else you can come up with for washing your banner.

In either case, we agree that it would probably be better for your banner(s) to be hung out to dry rather than dried in a dryer, although there doesn’t seem to be a problem with that either.

Once the fabric banner has dried, you can also use an iron on low heat to iron out any wrinkles that may have occurred in the drying process. Now you have a bright and clean banner to hang up at your next show!

Question:  Can my outdoor fabric graphics be cleaned?

Outdoor fabric or cloth banners are pretty much the same as interior banners, except that the outdoor fabric is more durable in the various weather conditions that are thrown at it.

However, dye sublimated outdoor banners will often become soiled and dirty much faster, especially in congested urban areas where there’s certain to be more pollution in the air from various sources.

Using a Washing Machine

As stated in the previous query, if the banners are small enough to fit in a washer, and I didn’t mention that a rotary washer is superior to an agitator-type washer, then this will be the easiest way to wash your banners. It is likely you’ll need to use a more aggressive grease removing detergent with an outdoor banner that you would with its indoor banner counterpart.

Manual Washing

If you can’t fit the banner or banners in your washer, then you’ll need to manually wash them, whether when you’re hanging them or washing them in a large tub or barrel. No matter which route you take, make sure your detergent is tough against grease.

The Right Way to Dry Washed Fabric Banners

Once you’ve washed your dye sub cloth banners, the best practice is to hang them up to dry. If you don’t have this option, and they’ll fit in a dryer, go ahead and dry them that way. Make sure you don’t leave them in the dryer once it stops, as it’ll create wrinkly banners, and it’s not a lot of fun ironing them out, although that is an option with polyester fabric dye sublimate printed banners.

Question:  Are outdoor fabric display products able to withstand typical weather conditions like thunderstorms?

Yes, as long as there are no accompanying violent winds, tornadoes, or a direct lightning strike to the banner (unlikely). Dye sublimated cloth banners are made from polyester fabric and are quite tough. A thunderstorm may have accompanying high winds of 40 to 50 MPH, but as long as the fabric banners or displays are secured tightly, there shouldn’t really be any issue with them withstanding inclement weather. After all, they are outdoor fabric banners.


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