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Dye Sublimation Printing Services, Chemistry and Materials

Wide Format Printer

Vinyl banners are “passe.” “Boring.” “Dull.” Useful, but everybody’s got at least one. OK, they are cheap…I’ll give you that, but what does that say about your company. Your customer service. Your products. Your services.

Dye sublimation printing services offer a welcome breath of fresh air to the banner market. There are more companies offering these now than last year, and more than the year before, so the pricing is pretty reasonable.  The printed fabric displays help your business say “classy.” “Expensive” (even though they’re really not that costly now). That you care about how you look. Your clients. Your Services. Your Products.

Dye Sublimate Printed Cloth Fabrics – Information and Explanations of Chemistry, Materials, Services, and Terminology

Companies that offer dye sub press services, are both less prolific and are generally more artistically inclined than those inhabiting the realm of the vinyl banner, either the vinyl-lettered type or the digitally printed type. Not to say there aren’t some great vinyl banner makers…we do a darn fine job printing vinyl. But we don’t really brag about vinyl imprinting nearly as much as we do about our sublimation print service, because they are more unique than our vinyl display making capabilities.

With vinyl banners, you have several weights of vinyl items, which is constructed from nylon threads coated with polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Weights range from 8oz to 22 oz, although most are 13oz. Perforated material is popular for events where the material may be hung between objects as they have about 20-25% less wind drag than a solid vinyl display.

Fabric Banners also have a variance of weight and materials, but when dye sublimated, all the fabrics must be polyester or other high-polymer fabrics. Polymers, combined with heat and pressure, bond with the dye, becoming one with the cloth.

What Fabrics are Available

dye sublimated cloth bannersNow, before you get an image of your Dad in his polyester suit doing disco, remember that we’ve had some great technological advances in other areas (are you still using a rotary telephone?), so it stands to reason that polyester has also come a long way, baby (Ooohhhh! Did I just date myself!). Yes, there are still polyester knits, and guess what, as long as your dye sublimation printing services company isn’t asked to produce some of those weird ’70’s patterns on it, it absolutely will NOT remind you of your Dad doing disco in that lovely John Travolta suit.

Now, consulting with your print company, you can choose from both indoor and outdoor fabrics, those that are sheer, shiny like silk or satin, as well as several other choices. The materials typically come in 60″ rolls, but some of the more popular varieties are now available in 120″ material, which means companies can make a very large interior banner from unseamed cloth! This is a huge improvement over the past few years as most businesses weren’t even offer that a couple years ago.

The  company should be able to offer you “poly flag” material, which can be pressed using the discussed printing services, hung outdoors in any weather, washed, ironed, wadded up in your suitcase, you name it – then it can be ironed when you decide to use it again! It can only be printed on one side (this is true of all polyester banner fabrics), but your printer can make a double-sided flag by using a black fabric blockout material and sew it between two prints. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but works well for most uses.

Poly knit material is the heaviest of the fabrics used by firms, and exhibits color the best as well. Some of the lighter fabrics will lose some of the color brilliance that the knit has, simply because there’s more dense and heavier thread in the knit material, but they still work well in the right environment.

Check here to see more of dye sublimation printing services on stretch polyester fabric banner displays.


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