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Choosing Custom Printed Banners for Display Advertising

indoor trade show banners

Custom printed banners are great for your business because they are one of a kind and can really be creative.  They in particular are really “in” right now, because cloth looks biologically friendly and exudes a look of quality, authenticity and nostalgia for our non-plastic, non-synthetic loving era.

customized banner stand

Beautiful personalized designs show that you are a firm of substance, quality and integrity.  This is the subliminal message associated with the fresh, fabric-based printed up in a lively colorful print motif and user friendly message.

When it comes to filling your banner needs, be sure to stick with a firm that’s been in the business long enough to get a Better Business Bureaurating that you can be comfortable with.  If the firm you’ve commissioned with has a negative rap sheet, you are risking a lot.  You may get burned insofar as not getting your banners finished in time, missing an important promotional opportunity.  Or you may find that the quality you got for the money was not what you bargained for.

Any investment in your firm should be a worthwhile expenditure, designed to reflect your good name, good intentions and excellent reputation.  The sign that you choose should reflect your company’s ethics and customer service policy, reflecting that you are not a “fly by night” operation but one that plans to be around for a long, long time.

Vinyl Banners for Offline Advertising

Vinyl banners have their place in the advertising world, too.  Some, although they have a choice of glossy or matte vinyl look, can be effective and practical in a majority of industries, especially in “hard” industries like building materials and chemicals.  Some “softer” industries require a sensitive and classier approach.  That is where the fabric custom banners come in.  They satisfy both you and your customer is showing the essence of your business style.

Options in Vinyl Banner Printing

So what are the options in printing up an attractive and effective customized cloth display?

First, You need to find out how much space you have to work with.  Even a small banner can do the job.

Second, Use Pantone color tones whenever possible.  Most advertisers know that color sells.

Third, Consider your physical options.  Do you want to use pole pockets? They can make a difference in providing your banner an insert for better hanging, giving an impressive and clean presentation.  Hems or grommets may add to the style and overall finishing of your handsome personalized print display.

Dye Sublimated Fabric Banners

Fabric dye sublimation banner printing is a relatively new processing technique used by cutting edge marketers in the 21st century.  The subtle but effective dye sublimation method brings printing to the next level.  It is suitable for photographic type graphics as well as text.  These polyester fabrics are used for trade show displays, in-store product promotions, interior P.O.P., backdrops for product prints and impressive wall displays.

The attractive and qualitative cloth banner is lightweight to carry and use, which means that they are easy to transport to your next trade show or convention.  Weighing only 9 ounces per square yard of material, they are definitely user friendly.

Thanks to new technology, the subliminal printing process gets the effect that businesses have been looking for.  Photographic quality printing has a stunning effect, almost like a piece of art.  Production time is relatively fast.  With a three to five day processing turnaround time, if you call on Monday there is a pretty good chance that your banners will be ready by the weekend!

Take the chance to explore some fabulous custom fabric banners and get to know more about them HERE.


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