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Tag: custom banners

How to Design a Dye Sub Roll-up, Pull-Up, Retractable Banner Stand

Best Practices for Designing a Retractable/Pull-up/Roll-up Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Banner Stand That Sells

Question: How much copy or how many letters can be printed on a pull-up or roll up banner?

Answer: Retractable banners, also known as roll-up and pull-up banner stands, average a floor model size (non-table top models which are shorter) is around 32 inches in width and 78 to 83 inches in height. Mind you, this is an average, and there are all manner of sizes available today as well as the ability to make custom retractable banner stands, so we’re just positing an average size for this answer.

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Why Stores Still Opt For Custom Vinyl Banners

PVC Banners

There’s just something about newly printed, full color custom vinyl banners. They are most likely printed in the brightest of colors. Because they are made from polyvinyl, the printing is longer-lasting than other print materials or methods. This alone enables your message to be seen for longer by more people than your average banner design.

These have always been popular, but they are even more so with the cost of technology, printing and reproduction declining over the past several years (kind of like the pricing “limbo” – how low can they go! These are all due to the constant advances of the computer industry.

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The Many Advantages of Custom Banners

Hulk Banner Display Price

Custom banners have become a major leg of modern advertising. Banners provide an important means to an end – informing customers and brand name recognition.

Vinyl and fabric banners can be printed up in a jiffy in a variety of fun and visually appealing materials which will retain their shape and continue to look great over a long period of time. Customized ones have become the rule more than the exception. In the past, many smaller clients could not even afford generic Ad display, never mind vinyl or cloth graphics!

Advertising Applications of Custom Banner Displays

The banners of today are most often digitally printed using the most modern methods of dye transfusion that is directly infused or sublimated with the fabric or vinyl substrate for a natural,

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Making Use of Custom Banners to Promote Products and Services

customized banner

Anyone who attends the local trade shows or conventions that pop up nearly everywhere year around can appreciate the effect that custom banners give to a business and their advertising campaign.

Big and proud, many of these print displays state the obvious. “Come check us out! See what the big color-filled and attractive signs are all about.” They may hang from a roof or be attached to a stand, or they may be the entire stand! Retractable roll-up stands are attractive, eye-catching and allow for plenty of space to promote a business and what it represents. When it comes to overall effectiveness,

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Choosing Custom Printed Banners for Display Advertising

indoor trade show banners

Custom printed banners are great for your business because they are one of a kind and can really be creative.  They in particular are really “in” right now, because cloth looks biologically friendly and exudes a look of quality, authenticity and nostalgia for our non-plastic, non-synthetic loving era.

Beautiful personalized designs show that you are a firm of substance, quality and integrity.  This is the subliminal message associated with the fresh, fabric-based printed up in a lively colorful print motif and user friendly message.

When it comes to filling your banner needs, be sure to stick with a firm that’s been in the business long enough to get a Better Business Bureaurating that you can be comfortable with. 

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