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Why Stores Still Opt For Custom Vinyl Banners

PVC Banners

There’s just something about newly printed, full color custom vinyl banners. They are most likely printed in the brightest of colors. Because they are made from polyvinyl, the printing is longer-lasting than other print materials or methods. This alone enables your message to be seen for longer by more people than your average banner design.

These have always been popular, but they are even more so with the cost of technology, printing and reproduction declining over the past several years (kind of like the pricing “limbo” – how low can they go! These are all due to the constant advances of the computer industry.

What used to be very expensive is now economical and financially feasible for advertisers at every level. What used to be out of reach for the small business is now absolutely accessible for all. Even a one-time banner can be made for a fraction of the cost in former years.

Where to Display Custom Vinyl Banners

custom designed personalized pvc banner displays Custom-printed PVC displays are a great choice for store openings, a large or dramatic sale, and other spectacular types of messages. Because these are made from synthetic plasticized vinyl materials, weather is no problem.

Of course even the best made 22oz. banners probably won’t withstand a full blown hurricane, though the majority of normal weather conditions will not upset the tough and resilient designs of today.

Custom vinyl banners are ideal for rush jobs, too. It’s not unusual to get a moderate batch of print displays within two working days, maybe less. With a variety of shipping options to choose from, you can get your lovely new banner signs in record time. This is one of the wonders of computer graphics, printing and internet ordering. Classical methods like screen-printing are also available – feel free to call us and ask for an estimate.

These printed displays are quick to produce and available to use in a short amount of time!  This is great for the marketing manager who has a last minute deadline to meet. Whatever the situation, they can be made fast. No need to fear – even if the project looks like mission impossible, with polyvinyl advertising banners, the situation is well in hand. Rush jobs are well-suited because they’re easy to print quickly with the latest printing technology.

Printing and Materials Used

Pantone colors are often used in the printing. These patented color codes help printers to make sure to match your corporate logo or specific design requirements. They are color true and provide many deep and luxurious tones. This too adds quality and value to the brand being advertised. A perception of added value can only help you, the advertiser, because your goods or services will be viewed as potentially better than your competitor’s (especially if his signs and banners are sub-par) and worth investigating.

These are made with a glossy or matte material, depending on your tastes or perspective. Consider using photographic quality printing if you want to create an extra-special look, carefully hemmed and hole-punched with grommets to add security to your banners’ longevity, as they are expected to last a good long time. In advertising terms, that translates to about five years with normal wear and tear if properly installed.

Ideas on Vinyl Banner Installation

Once your beautiful displays are finished, the only question left is how to put them out. They can be mounted with metal hooks which have been securely fastened to the wall. A bungee and rope combination is also a great way to expose your creative designs. Read here to learn other alternatives for displaying them.

With your favorite clip art, photos, logos and pictures, you can create a unique design to suit your advertising needs. Consider your options and freely create your promotional custom vinyl banners. Add some specialized print text and you are ready to go. Unleash the artist within to create your own high quality graphic design that will amaze and blow away your competition. Now is the time!


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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn't what he thought he'd do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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