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Removing Wrinkles from a PVC Vinyl Banner

Custom PVC Banner Display

“I have a vinyl banner that one of my employees folded,” says Ron. “Is there any way to remove wrinkles from a PVC vinyl banner?”

How to Remove a Wrinkle from a Vinyl Banner –

Or, Better Alternatives to PVC Banners if You Need to Move the Banner from Location to Location

The answer to this is usually yes. It will depend somewhat on the weight and quality of the vinyl banner material as well, as to how wrinkles may be removed.

The more “plasticizers” that are used in the manufacturing process of a vinyl banner, the softer and more supple it will be. However, we always advise our clients to never fold their vinyl banners, because they will wrinkle, and the wrinkles may or may not be removable. Always roll your banners, and preferably on a hard cardboard or plastic tube core so that it won’t be crushed or folded.

What Vinyl Banners are Made of

Custom PVC Banner DisplayVinyl banners are made using a loosely woven nylon fabric, which is encased in hot PVC vinyl. Once it cools, it is trimmed and rolled onto larger rolls, typically 50 yard or meter rolls, and shipped to distributors world wide. You’ll note that the vinyl banner material is not folded, but rolled, because vinyl banner material was not made to be folded.

Removing or Reducing the Wrinkles

However, if enough heat is applied, it is possible to reduce or possibly even eliminate wrinkles, dependent on how deep or heavy the wrinkle is. This a bit of a sticky wicket because too much heat will actually melt the PVC material, but not enough won’t remove the wrinkle.

My best advice is to go slowly, although you need a heat gun to get the heat you need to actually remove the wrinkle, so going slowly may be a bit tricky. I suggest “waving” the heat gun back and forth fairly rapidly to soften the material, but don’t linger on any spot for any length of time or you may just burn a hole in your banner.

This method will often reduce and possibly even remove wrinkles from a vinyl banner, although there is a possibility that there may still be a small mark left where the corner of a fold was. This is the toughest place to remove a wrinkle, and in fact, it is possible here that you won’t remove the wrinkle completely, though you may mute it somewhat.

Remember this about Vinyl Banners

What you need to remember with vinyl banners is that they’re an imperfect medium for signage, so you’re not going to get as perfect of a look as you would with, say, a dye sublimate printed knit polyester cloth fabric banner, which can be stuffed into a suitcase and the wrinkles will usually hang out within a couple of hours, if there are any at all.

Vinyl banners are normally outdoor banners as well, an as such, they are not subject to the scrutiny that other interior signs or banners might be subject to. We often apply the 35MPH rule, which states that at 35MPH (the speed of someone driving by your banner) and 100 feet away, no one will ever see that wrinkle!

So, in my opinion, a vinyl banner should be purchased to be hung up one time. It will come rolled up (unless it’s a billboard cover) and should be unrolled and hung up in a permanent location. That way it never has a chance to be folded up. Again, as stated a couple paragraphs back, if you have a banner or need a banner to take with you to a show or a presentation, polyester knit fabrics will look better every time.

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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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