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Ordering Banners Online and Materials Used for Outdoor Banners

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Buying printed banner displays online, and the types of materials used to make Outdoor Banners.

Question: How do I order banners online?

If you want to order banners from an online company, it is pretty simple to just google “buy banners online” or some similar phrase, and you should be able to come up with a few companies that you can order banners from online.

retractable L banner StandsHowever, if you’re looking for a website where you can design your own banner on the website, there will be fewer of those, but most will have the ability to upload your artwork to their templates, if you have the computer know-how to do so.

Personally, I like to order my business cards from companies that have online ordering capabilities, because I know exactly what I’ll be getting.

However, in the case of banners, we don’t offer online purchasing or design because our clientele is generally more upscale (larger firms and advertising agencies) and simply FTP (free through put) their pre-designed files to us and we have them printed, using either dye sublimation printing on polyester fabric or digital print to vinyl banner material.

Question: What types of banner materials are used out of doors?

There are two basic materials used for banners. PVC, or vinyl, and fabric. There are, of course, lots of sub-categories of these two items, and I’ll try to give a brief answer to a sort of complex question.

Vinyl Banners

hanging PVC banners Vinyl banners have been the work horse of the graphics industry for close to 30 years or more. Because of the weather resistance of this material, it was originally hand painted or screen printed, then with technological advances, lettered with vinyl graphics (some smaller shops still use this method), and now, for the most part, are printed digitally with digital roll to roll printers which are as wide as 16’ or more with some of the larger printers.

Vinyl banners come in heavy, medium, and lighter weights, and are purchased at these weights according to the locations where they’ll be used. High wind areas will need the heavier-duty material, whereas a wall-mounted exterior banner might only need a light or medium weight banner.

However, the one banner material that is used possibly 90% of the time is the 13oz vinyl banner material, now available with a blockout layer so as to be able to make it a double-sided banner. You can find more information regarding banners made from vinyl materials here visigraph.com/fabric-vinyl-cloth-banners/custom-vinyl-banners

Vinyl Mesh Banners

Vinyl mesh is another material that is readily available and is used in venues where wind is a factor, although the most wind it sheds is around 85%, which is not a lot if you have a very large mesh banner, but may be enough to warrant it’s usage.

Cloth or Fabric Banners

printed fabric flag banner displays There are heavy fabric banner materials that are also used outside for street pole banners and the like, and it is becoming more popular to use lighter weight polyester fabrics for outdoor display banners as well, although it is still, and in my opinion will remain, more popular to use cloth banners indoors.

As a matter of fact, it is my opinion that fabric banners will become more popular indoors, if they’re not already, in a matter of time. They simply look better and last for many years due to the dye sub printing method used to infuse the actual fiber of the fabric with permanent color. Indoors, dye sub printed banners are said to last up to 30 years. Good thing they’re washable!

For banners designed in polyester fabric materials, you can get more details about them in here visigraph.com/fabric-vinyl-cloth-banners/dye-sublimation-polyester-heavy-knit-fabric-banners


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