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Large Format Banner Printing

Wide format banners

Your Online Guide to Printing Large Format Banners

This is our online guide to large format printed banners. Your main choices for large format banners are either dye sublimation printed cloth fabric banners or digitally printed PVC (vinyl) banners, but the important thing is that the inks or dyes are printed in durable and bright photographic quality.

The discussions I have shared here are not limited to just the printing itself, but also cover designing your banners, how to purchase, display, and maintain them, and how to store them. Let me give you some ideas on how to make the best of your digitally or dye sub printed large format banners.

Designing Large Format Banners for Printing

A beautiful print should start with a well designed banner. Most excellent designers, in the 21st century, utilize graphic design programs such as Photoshop® or Illustrator® to create stunning and punchy graphics. There are lots of items to consider such as combinations of colors, contrasting tones, readability of the copy – including choosing effective type styles and sizing – as well as the content of the banner signage itself.

In designing effective advertising, you will need to consider the most visible placement for your banner. Will it have a short or long viewing distance? At what rate of speed does the traffic flow past it? And then what do you do from there? How will those factors affect or influence your banner’s design? There is some very specific information in the articles below:

How to Design Banner Print Displays that Attract Viewers

Making Banners as Banner Walls – Making The Graphics Last

Outdoor Banner Printing – The 2-second Viewing Rule

Pantone Colors for Banners – Lettering Sizes for Better Viewing

Frequently Asked Questions about Printed Banner Displays

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about using banner displays in general. I have tried to answer, succinctly and thoroughly, our reader’s questions regarding this topic below:

Are Cheap Banners Worth the Cost?

Are Heavier Banners More Durable? Plus, How to Make A Banner

Gluing a One-sided Banner to a Sheet of Plywood?

Wind Load Ratings for Flags and Street Pole Banners

Banner Printing Options

What are your printing options when it comes to having a banner printed? There are two main printing methods you can choose in printing large format banners. Dye sublimation printing on cloth fabric is very popular, and digital printing on vinyl banners fills the bill for certain types of outdoor advertising, such as billboards. Vinyl banners are also popular when cheap banners are required for interior applications such as a retail store. Check out my posts below to ascertain which one gets might fit your needs:

Display Banner Printing – How They Are Printed

Dye Sublimation Vs. Screen Printing of Fabric and Vinyl Banners

Great Quality Cheap Banners– Banner Printing Possibilities

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Banners – Print Resolution for Fabric Banners

Reinforcing the Importance of Banner Printing

Various Types of Inks Used When Printing Posters or Banners

Finding Banner Printing Shops

It’s easier to market products to clients who want to purchase what you have. If you are the company who offers banner printing services, how do you get potential clients to trust that you are competent enough to produce high quality of banner prints?

On the other hand, if you are the client trying to find that right banner printing company you want your advertising banners to be printed by, how do you perform your search? I’ll uncomplicate the answers for you in the posts below:

How to Choose a Top Quality Banner Printing Shop

Online Banner Printing – How to Purchase a Banner Online

Ordering Banners Online and Materials Used for Outdoor Banners

What to Look for in a Banner Printing Shop

Where to Find a Banner Printer to Print a Full Color Banner

Banners as Advertising and Promotional Media

Printed banner displays remain a useful advertising tool in promoting your company, business products, services, and events. Large format banners can be relatively costly, but since competition is high among printing shops, you might get yours at a reasonable price.

Are grand format advertising banners profitable? Putting out large banners on walls or along streets or on retail environments may not be enough. There are some details you need to know to attract potential customers with your advertising display. Check out the following articles below:

Cheap Banners Let You Advertise at Low Cost

Effective Outdoor Advertising for Any Event

Making Use of Custom Banners to Promote Products and Services

The Best Placement of Advertising Banners in Order to be Seen

Using Banners Profitably For Your Business

Why Use Banners and Signs at Trade Show Exhibits

Stands for Custom Printed Banners

Banners can also come with various types of stands or hanging apparati. One of the more common types you’ll find in malls and retail shops are the retractable banners (also known as roll up banner stands and pull up banner stands). These stands are similar to a “Venetian blind” in reverse, as you pull up the printed banner out of the stand cartridge for display. These stands can also be utilized as one-sided or two-sided prints. Familiarize yourself with these custom printed retractable banners:

3 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Roll Up Banner Stand

How to Design a Dye Sub Roll-up, Pull-Up, Retractable Banner Stand

Pull Up or Roll Up Banner Sizes – Plus, RGB vs CMYK Printing

Pull Up, Roll Up, or Retractable Banners – What Materials are Used to Make Them?

Retractable Floor Banner Vs. Table Top Fabric Banner Stand

Retractable, Pull Up, and Roll Up Banners – What’s the Difference?

Roll-up Pull-up Retractable Banner Stands – Uses and Locations

Single-Double Sided Pull Up Banner Stands and X Stand Banner

What is a “Quick Screen” Adjustable Banner Stand?

Where to Buy Retractable Banners or Advertising Display Banners

Other Types of Available Printed Banners

Here are some of the other banner topics I have discussed. You’ll learn about other types of banners you can use not only for promotional purposes but also for personal use. Scan through different articles below and find what interests you:

How Custom Flags Are Used in a Variety of Ways

Ideas When Using Custom Flags for Display

Maximize Birthday Banners in Welcoming Your Guests

The Many Advantages of Custom Banners

Using Birthday Banners to Create a More Festive Celebration

Why Bother Bringing Out Custom Flags in the Open

Wind Slits on Banners, plus Dye Sublimation vs. DSG


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