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Purchasing Auto Dealer Decals for Your Car Dealership

car dealer decals

First, let’s take a look at what car dealerships have available today. Auto dealer decals are available in a few different styles. Chromes are a popular low-priced option, and clear polyesters are also well-liked. Another option that can be made either as die-cut individual letters or die-cut is reflective vinyl.

personalized auto dealership decals Another option is the poured polyurethane decal, also known as domed graphics. Domed stickers or labels are covered with a thick, clear-poured, polyurethane coating to create a decal with visual depth. Due to their flexibility they are very popular with electronic product manufacturers as well as with car dealers.

The Problem With Auto Dealer Sticker Buying Online, And Why The Cheapest Price Might Be MUCH Higher Than The Sticker Price

poor client service That gives you some of the options available, and there are quite a few companies online that offer these decals at relatively similar pricing structures. However, the challenge when shopping online is – how do you know that a nice-looking website, a nice voice on the phone, and a cheap price will also equate to a hassle-free buying experience. Face it, if you order $1000 worth of decal graphics from an online company, and they send you an inferior product or mis-print your them for your car and truck dealership, or try to say that somehow it was your fault they screwed up, what real recourse do you have?

Sure, you can call the attorney general’s office in the state they’re located in. Complain on online boards, or file a grievance with the Better Business Bureau, but in my experience, these are Band-Aids on an amputation. And the time you spend fighting companies like this will be worth far more than you’ll ever get back out of them. I am speaking from raw experience on this. So, if you’re ready to them, I’ll show you how to spend a few minutes of research that’ll save you hours or even days of frustration. Are you ready?

Shopping For Auto Dealer Decals? Let Me Show You How To Spend 15 Minutes That Can Save You Hours And Days Of Grief Before You Order Them!

I mentioned filing a complaint with the BBB in the last paragraph, but wouldn’t it be better, when shopping for your dealership stickers, to use an ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure? Take the name and ZIP code of the company(s) you’re researching and go to and see if someone else didn’t take the steps you’re learning here.

satisfied consumerPlug the auto dealer graphic company into the fields provided for starting research on these companies and follow the instructions until you get to the page that tells you how others auto dealer decals purchaser like the company. If you see that the company has an A or A+ rating – or even an A- rating but no complaints filed against them, or maybe just one, that’s a positive sign.

I’ve seen some shortcomings with the Better Business Bureau in past dealings, though, so I would suggest a couple more steps to make sure you’re going to get the products you were looking for. Go next to and plug the company name into the field provided, and see what comes up. If nothing comes up, you’ve got a pretty good shot at this company being a good company.

The final step is also really simple…just plug the name of the printer and their location into Google, and see if they come up on any other website such as If they do show up at all, go into the site and look at the nature of the complaint. Was it a quality issue? Pricing? Delivery?

If there’s only one complaint against this printer within all the boards listed, it’s likely not too serious, but I’d still consider finding a company with no black marks, spurious or not. After all, why take any chances. You can’t fly hundreds or thousands of miles to the printing company over a thousand bucks – at least I can’t – but why take that risk in the first place? Good research creates good luck – that’s my new motto! You can do further research about these auto dealer decals, see this page.


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Barry Brown has been in the Sign, Banner, Decal and Display Business for over 20 years. It isn’t what he thought he’d do with his life, but he says he knows too much now to do anything else!

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