Security Alarm Decals, Stickers, or Signs for Your Home/Business

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Keep Crime Away with Reflective Security Alarm Stickers, Signs, and Decals

We’ve all been hit by it. That sinking feeling as you go into the garage to get something and notice the bikes are missing. You feel violated and wonder when they might come back. A friend told me just this last weekend that their neighbor’s garage had been broken into and the meat stolen from the freezer. Some people are just barbarians! So, when this happens, many of us are tempted to plaster security alarm decals, but without actually putting in a security system. So how well does this work?

Not too well, at least if he’s a professional burglar. You’d do better to get a guard dog. Professional burglars are able to tell if there is an actual security system in place by examining around windows. So, our best advice if you want to have lots of security signs for home and business? Hire a company that will put in the whole system, including the alarm stickers. Also, don’t say you have a security camera if you don’t. It’s easy to see if there’s one or not.

How alarm decals look from the security company viewpoint

security alarm stickers signsSecurity companies are sympathetic to the plight of people who have been robbed and it is their job to prevent it from happening or from happening again. When someone calls them for installation, they will usually post alarm graphics on the windows as well as signs in the yard. Find out before you sign a contract whether these items are included in the contract, and how many.

For those who are looking to purchase one – what’s available?

These are available in a few variations, with some of the more common types being –

  1. Vinyl
  2. Reflective
  3. Static cling

There are also variations within these categories, they can be available in both double sided vinyl and static cling. They also come in some standard shapes and sizes, although custom die cut shapes and sizes are also available.

For the sign displays, there are many shapes available, and a couple types of material as well are common. Along with some standard shapes such as stop signs and shields, die cutting custom shapes is also available. A common material is polyethylene and is typically printed on one side and affixed to an aluminum or wood stake. Furthermore, they can also be made of aluminum or other types of plastic as well.

Finding a good company where you can do the purchase should be simple. Check,, and Note that I didn’t say “or.” Check all three consumer watchdog sites and maybe a couple more to make sure you’re shopping at a reputable printer. Good luck!

Moreover, you can check this to see templates and printing of security alarm decals.


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